Ian Ritchie leads one of the world’s most thoughtful, original and influential contemporary architectural practices. Over four decades, and with more than 100 national and international awards, it has consistently delivered projects of exceptional individuality and long-term functionality while exceeding clients’ expectations.

The practice focuses on work of exquisite quality and often startling innovation rather than sheer quantity. Work is underpinned by strong analysis of context and profound understanding of materials and construction, allied to an appreciation of the subtle connections between its social role, the arts of construction and the role of beauty in architecture.

The practice’s design process is refined and openly collaborative, dissolving the boundaries between architecture, engineering, and industry to produce rigorous, economic and elegant design-directed solutions which are recognised as having made outstanding international contributions to architecture.

By advancing the practice of environmentally, socially and culturally sustainable architecture, the practice has a worldwide reputation of improving the quality of life in contemporary cities across Europe while creating inspirational designs and pleasurable, adaptable spaces.

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