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eBook RadioFavela - The Sound of Rio

Architecture News - Mar 09, 2010 - 17:40   6691 views

Favelas are coming from Rio de Janeiro,
Samba is coming from Rio de Janeiro,
Drugs are coming from Rio de Janeiro,
I‘m coming from Germany – Should I meddle with that?

Worldwide we are confronted with megacities and squatter settlementwith an extremely high density. To politicians, economists andsociologists these squatters are a nightmare,but artists love it as a treasure chest. I went to Rio de Janeiro,Brazil, to see what‘s going on – with my own eyes. The situation is notassumable (unfassbar), but very consumable (hörbar).Theatre, music, movies, (street) art, ... the squatter indwellers didfind so many ways to make themselves heard to finally make themselvescomfortable in the formal city.My proposition/my reaction then is subsumable (fassbar): aRadioProductionCentre with satellites, the city furnitures. I wanted totune (into) the process of intermunicipal communication.140 pages, ca 95 pictures

in German Unfassbares wird hörbar ... wird fassbar