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an anarchitect and an archetist have a talk

Architecture News - Mar 05, 2010 - 16:48   10027 views

Marco Casagrande is an architect from Finland. I called him a ananarchitect mixing anarchy and architecture, since I feel his workREAL. Including ideas of urban acupuncture his work is soft and violentat the same time – something which has to be beautiful because of itshonest trueness.
>>> >>> TRACKING >>> >>>0:00 is it just provocation to burn your architecture or to build ruins?2:45 what is the energy you take out of ruins?5:33 living at the edge of habitat …7:05 is nature the first architecture?7:58 what are your origins? what do primitive tools like a fireplace have to do with architecture?12:30 skin … patina … being present >>> what is your message to visual 3d software architects?17:00 hope on teaching = celebrate the time of being FREE19:25 connection and communication, use of web 2.022:28 ‘the medium is the message’ – McLuhan: are we changing with our new environment? GREEN buildings???26:25 why are you an architect?