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Journal for Comparative Cultural Studies in Architecture: No Global Communication means no School fo

Germany Architecture News - Jul 11, 2010 - 23:25   7017 views

Planning and construction of the
Scarab’s School was done within three months
and a half, finalized in July 2009. The astounding
issue in the whole process, from finding first
ideas, design, construction, site management,
and completion as well as use of the building was
twofold: the harmonious communication as well as
the horizontally structured collaboration between
a “developing country” or for the case being a
“nation without country” and on the other hand a
“highly civilized industrial country”. The workflow,
the building and hopefully the didactic methods in
this building will thrive on de-hierachization.
The following article is about processes,
which are in a constantly changing world more
important than results, even more important
than immutable ultimate results.