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9th Annual Inspireli Awards: Pre-registration is open!

Czech Republic Architecture News - Oct 24, 2023 - 14:43   1827 views

9th Annual Inspireli Awards: Pre-registration is open!

The prestigious 9th Annual Inspireli Awards is now open for registration for students and architects from around the world are invited to participate in this global student contest. With participants from 150 countries, the Inspireli Awards have earned their place as the world's largest architectural student competition. 

Featuring a jury of 1000 esteemed architects, the competition aims to support young talents in architecture, irrespective of their social, economic, or ethnic backgrounds, completely free of charge.

Diverse Categories and Open Topics

What sets the Inspireli Awards apart is its inclusivity and lack of a specific topic. Participants can compete in three diverse categories: Architecture, Interior Design, and Urban Design. Additionally, they have the unique opportunity to engage in an idea competition for a real, to-be-built project, which is a sub-competition of the Inspireli Awards (see more below). For those using specific software tools such as Archicad can compete for a Pro licence at the Inspireli Archicad Prize.

Individuals and Teams Welcome

The competition welcomes both individuals and teams, fostering an environment that encourages creativity and collaboration. Here, you can inspire others and, in turn, be inspired by feedback that our Jurors and field specialists provide.

Unprecedented Prizes

Winners of the Inspireli Awards gain 4 extraodinary prizes. NEW is a generous monetary prize of 4500 EUR. Second Prize is Archicad Pro license and Traveling Trophy “Wings To The  Future”. Winers also have the unique opportunity to receive "what they wish for." Last year's wishes showcased the diverse dreams of participants, ranging from educational pursuits to architectural introductions can be seen here.

A Commitment to Growth

The Inspireli Awards goes beyond just honoring winners. They are dedicated to supporting all participants in their architectural journey. The INSPIRELI Education portal provides personalized feedback from experienced architects on the jury, Feasibility Feedback from manufacturers, and 3D and 2D feedback—all at no cost. It's an invaluable resource for students looking to grow and refine their skills.

INSPIRELI for UKRAINE: A Force for Change

The Inspireli Awards have not only raised the bar in architectural excellence but have also served as a catalyst for change, using the power INSPIRELI Community to help addressing real-world challenges through design. In a historic move, INSPIRELI will introduce a specific category this year, "INSPIRELI for Ukraine," open to both graduated professionals and students. This category is a humanitarian aid project to help first reconstruct the destroyed Fire Station in Dnipro, Ukraine, and more projects to follow. Architects can propose their sketches and expertise to contribute to this noble cause. More can be seen on this page.

To participate in the 9th Annual Inspireli Awards and unlock your creative potential, visit the registration page here. It's an opportunity to make a mark in the world of architecture, design, and beyond.

Awards details

Organizer: Inspireli Awards

Entry Fee: FREE

Registration: OPEN (Pre-registration also open!) 

Jury: The 1000 esteemed jury panel can be seen here

Prizes: 4500 EUR, “Make a Wish”, Archicad PRO Licence, Traveling Trophy Wings to the Future

Deadline: July 14, 2024

Geography: World

Eligibility: Full-time university students pursuing a bachelor's or master's degree in Architecture or related fields, including Engineering and Artistic disciplines.

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