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Frida Escobedo to receive the 2024 Le Prix Charlotte Perriand Award

Mexico Architecture News - Sep 21, 2023 - 16:32   2464 views

Frida Escobedo to receive the 2024 Le Prix Charlotte Perriand Award

Acclaimed Mexican architect Frida Escobedo has been named to be honored with the esteemed Le Prix Charlotte Perriand 2024, presented by The Créateurs Design Association & Awards (CDA).

The award is given annually in memory of the iconic French architect and designer Charlotte Perriand. 

Escobedo is the third name and second woman architect who has won this prestigious award. Last year, Jeanne Gang was named as the second winner of the Charlotte Perriand Award.

Frida Escobedo will receive the Le Prix Charlotte Perriand Award at a ceremony which will take place in Paris on January 20th, 2024.

Le Prix Charlotte Perriand, named after the trailblazing designer, is a testament "to those who have pushed the boundaries of the design and architecture landscape, inspiring innovation and challenging conventional norms." 

The Créateurs Design Association's mission aligns perfectly with the spirit of the award, as it strives to recognize and uphold excellence in the design industry, while also fostering creativity and preserving the integrity of design practices.

"Daring concepts, visionary approach, and profound impact on the field"

Frida Escobedo was praised for her "daring concepts, visionary approach, and profound impact on the field", reads a statement by CDA.

"Escobedo's portfolio showcases an exceptional ability to seamlessly blend form and function, creating spaces that not only captivate aesthetically but also enhance the human experience within them," CDA continued.

Escobedo was the architect of the 2018 Serpentine Pavilion in the Kensington Gardens of London. Her pavilion featured dark colours and textured surfaces and created a tenuous inner courtyard.

When she received the commission, she was the youngest architect to build the Serpentine Pavilion.

Her key works include La Tallera, a cultural center Cuernavaca, Mexico and a low-cost housing masterplan in Hidalgo, the Librería del Fondo Octavio Paz in Mexico. Escobedo was announced as the designer of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's new the Oscar L. Tang and H.M. Agnes Hsu-Tang Wing in New York, which had been assigned to David Chipperfield Architects in 2015. 

Frida Escobedo to receive the 2024 Le Prix Charlotte Perriand Award

Frida Escobedo is illustrated in the Le Prix Charlotte Perriand Award poster. Poster by Hanna Gomes

"In a field dominated by men, Charlotte Perriand created her own path: one that was fearlessly innovative yet deeply rooted in the belief that all beings have the right to beauty, comfort, and functionality," said Frida Escobedo. 

"She shaped the world through her vast production of work while building a constellation of friends and colleagues, teaching us that collaboration is one of the most fundamental practices in the architectural discipline."

"Her multifaceted body of work defies a single classification, yet her experimentation seems to follow certain threads that anchor her curiosity to her surroundings (the places she lived in, the culture and history) and her personal history," Escobedo added. 

Frida Escobedo to receive the 2024 Le Prix Charlotte Perriand Award

Frida Escobedo designed the 2018 Serpentine Pavilion. Image © Iwan Baan

"With an unwavering commitment to sustainable design principles, Escobedo has consistently demonstrated a deep concern for environmental consciousness and societal well-being," CDA added.

"Her projects reflect a harmonious synergy between the built environment and nature, ushering in a new era of architecture."

"We are thrilled to bestow Le Prix Charlotte Perriand upon Frida Escobedo," said Yuri Xavier, Co-founder of the Créateurs Design Association. "Her work exemplifies the qualities that this award seeks to recognize—boldness, innovation, and a commitment to shaping the future of design."

The Créateurs Design Awards ceremony is poised to ignite a vibrant celebration of creativity and inspiration, serving as a unifying platform for luminaries and influencers across the realms of design, art, architecture, and creative journalism. 

A hallmark of this distinguished event, the black-tie gala has garnered widespread acclaim for its unwavering commitment to recognizing excellence and innovation on a global scale. Esteemed by peers and professionals alike, the gala stands as a beacon of distinction within the creative and design community, symbolizing the pinnacle of achievement while fostering meaningful connections and dialogue among the industry's finest talents.

Escobedo, who at 44, received her architecture degree from the Universidad Iberoamericana and received her master's from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. In 2006, she founded her eponymous studio Frida Escobedo in Mexico City in 2006.

The Créateurs Design Association is dedicated to recognizing excellence in the design industry, upholding design integrity, and inspiring future generations. 

The Le Prix Charlotte Perriand Award, with its various events, the association, aim to celebrate visionary individuals and foster a thriving design community. 

The inaugural Charlotte Perriand Award named Ghanian-British architect David Adjaye as its first laureate in 2022. American Architect Jeanne Gang was named as the 2023 winner of the Charlotte Perriand Award. 

Top image in the article: Frida Escobedo. Image © Karla Lisker.

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