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Tackling Climate Change With Prevention Within Environment and Resources on Example of Exhibitions

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Tackling Climate Change With Prevention Within Environment and Resources on Example of Exhibitions

Climate change has become a major challenge and is affecting everyone.

On this theme published are also numerous articles by architect Emina Čamdžić, WAC’s Bosnia and Herzegovina Country Reporter, which you can have a look here at the link. During this year’s London Festival of Architecture (LFA) are included exhibitions and was discussed about climate change in different aspects such as the climate emergency. On the top image is shown one of the main exhibitions in the London exhibition pavilion organized by the author of the exhibition - architect Emina Čamdžić from Sarajevo as part of the LFA festival in London. This year, the LFA's 2023 theme is "In Common" as mentioned on the LFA website that explores ways to make the most of what we have in common and the things we don’t, and the way we shape a town. As published by the London Festival of Architecture on this page, the LFA is the world’s largest annual festival of architecture founded in 2004 as a biennale, celebrates architecture and building the town with exhibitions, talks, installations, architecture tours, and is contributing to the themes of climate change, sustainability, accessibility and inclusiveness.

Moreover, according to a new law coming into action in the UK, called Biodiversity Net Gain, for new developments is a must to increase net gain in biodiversity compared to the initial project. This means improved site design and minimised environmental impact.

For such a law to become mandatory anywhere for architects and all included in project design, there is a need for knowledge in technical fundamentals and requirements. This shows a good example of how new projects can use the technical knowledge to create more biodiverse urban areas, add greenery to site design or urban parks while tackling climate change. More examples of listed heritage renovation in urban areas and site design can be found in this previous WAC article published by WAC's Bosnia and Herzegovina Country Reporter Emina Čamdžić.

At the London Festival of Architecture 2023, which was held during June 2023, were mentioned numerous crises as challenges such as the climates and other crises also on the built environment:

"We live in a state of multiple crises: climate, health, class and race have highlighted a wide spectrum of systemic inequalities our cities hold – from lack of affordable housing to obvious gaps in provision of green spaces and other natural resources," said LFA.

In addition to that, as stated at the LFA website, and the LFA theme and participating projects showcased respond both in physical space and online inclusive forms of practice, built on collaboration, equity, sustainable design and management. With discussions online and in person analysing accessible, free and safe spaces around us, the LFA exhibitions consider aspects including nature such as water, crops for food, a habitable earth, all which must be nurtured and sustained. As stated, architecture and urbanism should regenerate those resources to tackle climate emergency while the LFA community showcases the knowledge, skills and understanding to finding solutions to the challenges faced.

While tackling air pollution, there needs to be taken in consideration such aspects, knowledge and skills to have a nurtured and sustained natural surrounding. More on this theme - tackling air pollution which is affecting human health, - can be found at this article published by Emina Čamdžić on the World Architecture Community.

Tackling Climate Change With Prevention Within Environment and Resources on Example of Exhibitions

Image of London town during the LFA with no visible air pollution. Image © Eminent. [Outlet/ Platform]

The previous article mentions further example of London which has tackled air pollution for decades, which has found solutions to this issue rather than has ignored this issue. Therefore, there are no more polluted fogs such as the well - known London smog which occurred in London especially during autumn and winter days.

Climate change prevention within the environment and resources has many aspects while here are only some mentioned with current examples, good practice and interesting which are currently done on this theme such as the LFA festival which happens every year in June in the British capital.

Read more about WAC’s coverage of previous LFA festivals such as LFA Digital on the link.

Top image is the official photo of the exhibition pavilion with visitors at the London Festival of Architecture (LFA), organized by author of the exhibition - architect Emina Čamdžić, (left on the photo) from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Image © Eminent. [Outlet/ Platform].

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