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Nairobi Design Week 2021 will be held between April 3-10 online

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Nairobi Design Week 2021 will be held between April 3-10 online

This year Nairobi Design Week is all about you: the communities; creatives; and mentors who inspire us, so let’s learn, build and play... "Together"!.

The online event will be held between April 3-10, 2021. 

30 creatives share their stories, communities from around the world send their messages, exciting collaborations launch, and many others showcase their work on, all to a NuNairobi soundtrack of 'Nairobi Yetu' by Blocka Beats.

Tune in to the NDW2021 Premiere at 6pm EAT on Saturday 3rd March 2021 for a packed out, high-energy show. Meet the creatives for an EatDesignRepeat Launch Party Live stream at 6pm EAT on Saturday 10th March 2021.

Nairobi Design Week

Nairobi Design Week is a community design studio and annual festival. The organizers of the event work on client briefs and our own initiatives, all of which showcase the value of design and creativity. 

Talent from the community is involved in the festival and all of our studio projects. NDW2021 brings in people and partners to strengthen each other through collaboration. 

The event also hosts the Afrika Design Podcast, where some of Africa’s top creatives share their stories.

Since 50+ creatives made the ‘Labelled Human’ song & music video at Nairobi Design Week 2020, they’ve learned a lot about what it takes to bring people together online. 

Schedule highlights

Saturday 3rd April @6pm/Launch Premiere on YouTube featuring 30+ creatives. 

Interact together with the creatives in the chat | Batsirai Madzonga on designing the Sankofa Design System | DoingZero, COP26 collaboration launch with Design Manchester | Online Showcase of Creatives on EatDesignRepeat app | Music by Blocka Beats.

Saturday 10th April @6pm/EatDesignRepeat Launch Party & creatives live stream.

NDW's design directory has evolved into Online Showcase of Creatives who signed up during the pre-launch phase. MosMos music video premiere by Phinoshey. ‘Nairobi Yetu’ musicians jam.

Featured Communities

World Design Weeks, Creatives Garage, Wauzine, Design Kenya Society, Unboxed Africa, Free Mind Sessions, StudioHISI, Spy Community.

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