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WAC Announces Sowmya Poosapadi Subramania Raja As Spain's Country Reporter

Spain Architecture News - Jul 30, 2021 - 10:34   3791 views

WAC Announces Sowmya Poosapadi Subramania Raja As Spain's Country Reporter

Sowmya Poosapadi Subramania Raja - Spain

Since July 29, 2021

Sowmya Poosapadi Subramania Raja has been appointed as Spain's Country Reporter as part of the WAC's Country Editors/Reporters Program. Sowmya is a multi-linguistic Architect, Urban Planner by graduation and profession from India currently residing in Madrid, Spain. 

She is an urban cultural heritage conservationist and emerging architectural journalist by passion. She has supported various projects and research on Urban Infrastructure, Heritage Conservation, Tourism Development, Sustainability, Governance, Project Management, Metropolitan Planning, Architectural Design, and Temple Architecture.

She believes in the scientific concepts of the Indian Heritage and has a strong inclination towards linking Spiritual Practices, Vedic Sciences, and Cultural Traditions to adopt in Modern scenarios. She intends to connect Architecture and Planning to the common people through her writings. She believes that youth are the empowerment for a sustainable and holistic world. She guides the Architectural and Planning aspirants on their careers with an emphasis on developing their expressive communication skills.

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Top image courtesy of Sowmya Poosapadi Subramania Raja.