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Internships Competitions: Young Visionary Architecture Competition 2021

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Internships Competitions: Young Visionary Architecture Competition 2021

This Internships competition is international and involves unbuilt projects that were designed by students and graduates from all over the world during their career, and can be expressed as university projects, personal projects or graduation projects.

In other terms, YVAC 2021 is a “Designed Project’s Competition” where students and undergraduates submit their ideal personal, university or graduation projects based on 3 competition categories and 18 sub-categories.

Therefore, we invite futuristic mindsets in the Architecture and Design fields to take part in our competition and in sequence showcase their hidden talents, spotlight their individual/team projects, and gain a global-scale recognition.

18 winners will be chosen based on each sub-category, and 6 out of them will be granted internships at 6 of the top leading firms.


Competition categories are set according to project typology and scale that are a common criteria amongst all types of projects. Young Visionary Architecture Competition 2021 comprises 18 award categories that are broadly grouped under 3 main categories: Architecture, Interior, and Urban Design.

Architecture Awards:

  • Architecture Residential Award
  • Architecture Commercial Award
  • Architecture Recreational Award
  • Architecture Transportation Award
  • Architecture Cultural Award
  • Architecture Monument Award
  • Architecture Educational Award
  • Architecture Healthcare Award
  • Architecture Industrial Award
  • Architecture Skyscrapers Award
  • Architecture Mixed use Award

Interior Design Awards:

  • Interior Educational Award
  • Interior Residential Award
  • Interior Healthcare Award
  • Interior Exhibitions Award
  • Interior Retail Award

Urban Design Awards:

  • Street and Landscape Urban Award
  • Urban Design Award


  • Total 9,000 EUR 
  • Certificates of Achievement
  • Honorable Mentions 

Internships for 6 out of 18 winners at the following locations:

-Istanbul, Turkey  -  Melike Altinisik Architects
-Kharkov, Ukraine  -  Drozdov & Partners
-Seville, Spain  -  Nabil Gholam Architects
-Athens, Greece  -  Mold Architects
-Beirut, Lebanon  -  Nabil Gholam Architects
-Barcelona, Spain  -  AV62 Architects


1. Register to ensure your place in the competition 

2. Choose your most outstanding project (graduation, university, or personal project).

3. Find its relative category (e.g. Architecture) and sub-category (e.g. Residential). Check them in our website.

4. Prepare the required posters as mentioned in the submission requirements.

5. Finalize and submit! (Submission link will be sent by email after registration).

Submission: 18 August, 2021
Registration: 18 August, 2021
Language: English
Location: International
Prizes: 6 Internships + € 9,000
Type: Architecture | Interior | Urban

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