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Launch of "Architectural Journalism & Criticism" Competition Proceedings (2017-18)

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Launch of

The new book "Architectural Journalism & Criticism’ Competition Proceedings" edited by architect Pappal Suneja & published by White Falcon Publishing, Chandigarh is a culmination of 50 Best Articles of all the 12 Series of Architectural & Criticism Competitions (November 2017 to July 2018).

The aim of this initiative by Architectural Journalism Organization was to explore the fact that if given the due consideration and respect that this subject deserves, it can color the plain glass through which we usually view architecture. As it adds the tinge of literature to structural design, or words to pieces of art, of tangible thoughts about the walls we live enclosed in. And, who wouldn’t like a masterpiece adorned with words as well?!

Architectural journalism, in its essence, combines two very beautiful subjects: 1) architecture, of course, and 2) literature. Through medium of words, it focuses on arousing public reception toward novel creativity in structural and building design, and thus, providing a way to the reader’s mind to get into the designer’s head by studying and analyzing the design and such considerations of our magnum opus. And thus, it flows much beyond just a design or a travel magazine. Although this field has already attained a huge status of importance in the West, it is yet in its growing stages in India; thus the immense scope in pursuing it as a profession.

A fundamental portion of Architectural Journalism constitutes design interpretation: the art of conveyance of the basic ideology and theme behind the development of a design form, in a rather eloquent manner. And eloquence demands the knowledge of standardized architectural vocabulary, which encompasses certain words/phrases that make expressing its nuances clearly. Apart from this, the architectural journalist should be able to maintain a balance of words taking into consideration the wide range of readers.

Traveling stands as another important aspect of architectural journalism; it opens doors to timeless architecture and learning to personalize a design by learning to empathize with the natives that the traveler meets during their journey. Another facet that we got face-to-face with while knowing this field was rational thinking and how it emphasizes on focusing on all the parameters that might be concerned with our subject matter. Also, keeping in mind the judicious and efficient use of natural local resources is imperative along with other factors. Next, we understood the ways in which budding architects can put forth Architectural Journalism. Some of the ways are creative writing, blog writing, reports, dissertations, thesis proposals, among others.

There are innumerous methods to realize architectural journalism while there are innumerous reasons why it should be realized by all those who see themselves as future architects leading the world of design. And this competition proceedings is just to give those brave, ambitious hearts an inspiration to follow—the path of architectural journalism beautified by eloquence on the roadsides.

Jurors for the Competition Series were: Prof. Krishna Rao Jaisim: Principal Architect Jaisim-Fountainhead, Ar. Pappal Suneja: Freelance Architectural Journalist, Prof (Ar.) SS Behl: Dean, Guru Nanak Dev. University, Amritsar, Dr. Gauri N Shiurkar; Former Principal: McGAN’S Ooty School of Architecture, Ar. Surinder Bahga; Chairperson B&C IIA Punjab and Principal Architect-Saakar Foundation, Ar. Jinisha Jain; Prof. McGAN’S Ooty School of Architecture, Ar. Sangeet Sharma; Practicing Architect & Author Chandigarh and Ar. Sarbjit Bahga; Chief Architect Bahga Design Studio- Chandigarh.

Launch of

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