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Mapping Out The Investment Landscape In 2019 at MIPIM 2019

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Mapping Out The Investment Landscape In 2019 at MIPIM 2019

In MIPIM’s second session, real estate leaders and specialist put a larger map on the investment market for 2019. The session, called “Mapping Out The Investment Landscape In 2019”, has been examined in different sub-topics, including keynotes, research presentations, UK Cities, Partnership Power, Investment Trends in the Centre and Beyond in London and the Power of Big Brands in Cities. 

MIPIM holds its 30th edition on March 12-15, 2019 at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, France with a series of discussions and lectures. Themed under “Engaging The Future”, this year MIPIM delivers a special edition to highlight global and societal topics impacting the real estate industry.

Mapping Out The Investment Landscape In 2019 at MIPIM 2019

The session has started with the keynote of Mark Slaughter, Director General for Investment, Department for International Trade and continued with the presentation of Mat Oakley, Director – Research, Savills.

In another session titled "London – Investment Trends In The Centre & Beyond", the experts drew a large picture of what makes London competition and how London developed in the last ten years in the new developments. We explore the rise of investment in the City. What investment patterns are predicted for 2019, and how will it change the landscape of London? 

The panelists said that "there are many opportunities to push the boundaries for what we have done before". "Pushing out the new start ups, pushing new ideas further are the challenging ways to integrate them into the new developments."

The experts added that "There is a difference between East London and West London, each area has a different characteristics to explore and work on it." 

Mapping Out The Investment Landscape In 2019 at MIPIM 2019

"Being competitive is really important in the real estate industry but the main question for each investor is to ask: "how to make our project stand out among other?". In every development, first money talks and the community aspect is driven to the plans. "It is important to provide a vibrant area for the community."

Talking about the important of a mixed-use typology, Suzanne Wylie, Chief Executive, Belfast City Council, said that "if you really don't create a mixed-use that is benefitted by everyone or you are not showing how do you make a community that is working in every level is not working in the long term. A mixed-use typology that you are designing should be working in reality."

The session of the power of big brands in big cities has been discussed by Richard Divall, EMEA Head of Cross Border Capital Markets, Colliers International, Jackie Newstead, Global Head of Real Estate, Hogan Lovells and chaired by Emily Wright, Head of Special Projects & Tech Editor, EG. In this panel, the specialists discussed the impact of large-scale redevelopment projects happening around the world. 

Mapping Out The Investment Landscape In 2019 at MIPIM 2019

They asked: how do big cities harness the power of the big brands that these developments attract? 

Especially focusing in UK cities, the leaders’ panels analyzed the growth hotspots in UK cities, and how their value feeds into the overall economic progress of UK PLC. And they asked how have things changed since the Brexit announcement? Is there a diversification of asset classes to counter risk? Where are the shortfalls and opportunities?

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