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Call for Registrations to Extreme Habitat Challenge 2019 - Sahara competition

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Call for Registrations to Extreme Habitat Challenge 2019 - Sahara competition

Extreme Habitat Challenge 2019 is thrilled to invite architects, designers, engineers, student fraternity, and visualizersfrom around the globe to take part in the world’s first ever Sahara Habitat Challenge. The Extreme Habitat Challenge (EHC) is one of the world’s most coveted competitions for habitat design. It recognizes exceptional ideas that redefine habitat design through the implementation of innovative ideas, techniques, construction, visual, programmatic and futuristic organizations through architecture as a tool. EHC embarks itself of technological and engineering innovations which are about to go big, and sets architecture free to innovate more in these uncharted directions. It is a one of its kind platform that promotes the relationship between the habitat + technology + planet.


Vision: Extreme Habitat Challenge pushes to explore habitat concepts that are responsible, yet brave to grow human civilization in synchronous with nature + technology + planet. 

Design a concept habitat of 1,000 peoplewithin area of 0.5mi x 0.5mi, which is able to expand itself to 100,000 (2.5mi x 2.5mi) as needed/desired by the population moving in to the place. The challenge invites ideas that push the boundaries of design using innovative habitat working models, materials, technology, close to zero land costs, a nomadic yet rooted lifestyle.

This design exercise can be considered similar to colonizing a new earth with technology of today. The first 1,000 people prototype habitat will house all the three elements of human life in it - Live, Work and Play.

The first ever Extreme Habitat Challenge competition chooses two major cities (New York, USA x Mumbai, India), connected via the fastest mode of land bound transit (Hyperloop). This site peculiarly with a very less human population density, is a test bench for designing a new habitat will inspire how life should be in similar environments while balancing itself harmoniously between forces of nature. 

Enter into this contest as an institute! Learn more about institution access here


Sahara, Africa


To be announced.


Launch December 10, 2018

Early Registration closes: February 08, 2019.

20$ Students, 30$ Professionals, 75$ Institutional Access

Standard Registration closes: March 25, 2019

30$ Students, 50$ Professionals, 125$ Institutional Access

Late Registration:  May 09, 2019

40$ Students, 70$ Professionals, 200$ Institutional Access

Submission Deadline: May 19, 2019.

Public Voting begins: May 20, 2019

Public Voting ends: June 20, 2019

Result Announcement: June 30, 2019


Prize pool of worth 4000$!

First Prize: 1500$ (For students and professionals)

Runner up: 750$ (For students and professionals)

People’s Choice: 500$ (For students – Most appreciated project wins this)

People’s Choice: 500$ (For students – Most appreciated project wins this)

Honorable mention x 2 (Students): 200$ Each

Honorable mention x 2 (Professionals): 200$ Each

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