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Call for entries to ADF Design Award 2023 to be exhibited during Salone del Mobile

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Call for entries to ADF Design Award 2023 to be exhibited during Salone del Mobile

Non-profit organization Aoyama Design Forum (ADF) has opened entries for the "ADF Design Award 2023".

This year's award theme is "Design for Architecture". 

The total amount of prizes will be US$20,000 for the Best Performance Award, US$10,000 for the Excellence Award by category, and US$1,000 for the Encouragement Award by category, with an award for each category, for the total amount of prizes of US$100,000.

The Best Performance Award and Excellence Award winners will be given the opportunity to exhibit their works at the ADF venue in Fuori Salone during the Salone del Mobile (Salone Internazionale del Mobile), the world's largest furniture fair scheduled to be held in April 2023, as a supplementary prize. 

ADF will also provide a venue for exchange with interested parties at a reception party. Furthermore, ADF plans to exhibit the works at the ADF gallery space in Aoyama, Tokyo.

The “ADF Design Award” is an extraordinary opportunity to show your architectural design work to the world. Let's show your architectural designs to the world. The award jury will be announced as soon as it is decided.

World Architecture Community is official Media Partner of Aoyama Design Forum and will bring the latest news from the ADF Design Award 2023.

Call for entries to ADF Design Award 2023 to be exhibited during Salone del Mobile

2020 award-winng work, “CYLINDER × MATERIAL" by Rie Aruga. Image © Rie Aruga, courtesy of ADF

Details of the award application period and judging criteria are as follows.

Application Period

August 15, 2022 - December 30, 2022 (JST)

Design Theme

“Design for Architecture”

Call for entries to ADF Design Award 2023 to be exhibited during Salone del Mobile

2021 award-winning work by Takuto Ohta. Image © Takuto Ohta, courtesy of ADF


  1. Hospitality: hotel, casino, theme park, pavilion
  2. Commercial & Office: shopping center, department store, office building
  3. Education & Sports: school, research facility, stadium
  4. Cultural Buildings: theater, library, museum, art gallery, hospital
  5. Public Architecture: government and municipal building, airport, station, port

Judging Criteria

  • Beauty: Artistic value in shape, color, detailing, and material selection
  • Innovation: Responding to social changes, using new materials, innovative construction processes, and pioneering designs. Innovation is a challenge within limited conditions.
  • Usefulness: The building is beneficial and sustainable for its users and the environment.
  • Regional/Cultural/Chronological: The building blends with and differentiates itself from the region, and its superficial beauty fits with the times and cultural context.

Call for entries to ADF Design Award 2023 to be exhibited during Salone del Mobile

2022 award-winning work “The beauty of wasting” by Lisa Ogawa and Tomomi Kawashima. Image © Lisa Ogawa and Tomomi Kawashima, courtesy of ADF

Qualification Requirements

Individual or group

Regardless of nationality

Must be a member of ADF*

Architecture completed within 3 years

* To be an ADF member is at no cost.

* Registration can be made on this link.

Entry Fee



Proposal (Concept of the architecture, materials, details, and design)*

CV of the architect and designer

* The files must be merge into a single PDF ( file must be with in 10MB)

* A4-sized material of landscape orientation. must be maximum of 5 pages 



Application URL

You can find application link here


Best Performance Award 1 work
Prize: 20,000 USD / Extra prize: Exhibit the award-winning work*

Excellent Award 1 work for each category
Prize: 10,000 USD / Extra prize: Exhibit the award-winning work*

Encouragement Award 2 works for each category
Prize: 1,000 USD

ADF will support the production and site installation costs up to 2,000 USD for the Best Performance Award and Excellent award winners.

* There is a case of no corresponding work awarded.

Call for entries to ADF Design Award 2023 to be exhibited during Salone del Mobile

2019 award-winning work “TOMI” by FORO Studio. Image © FORO Studio, courtesy of ADF


Marialisa Santi, The President of the Foundation of the Order of the Architects of Milan

Suzy Annetta, Design Anthology

And more: TBA

ADF is a non-profit organization established in Japan in 2009 to promote and improve the social status of architects and designers around the world. 

ADF has formed numerous business partnerships with architects and designers worldwide and has been setting up the venue for the “Fuori Salone” in Milan during the Milano Salone since 2013. 

The “ADF Design Award” has grown as an international award, receiving entries from many architects and designers belonging to ADF’s affiliated associations and organizations in various countries.

Top image courtesy of ADF.

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