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Call for projects, ideas, practice for the LINA Architecture Platform Program

Slovenia Architecture News - Aug 17, 2022 - 15:11   1516 views

Call for projects, ideas, practice for the LINA Architecture Platform Program

Challenge Europe with your sustainable, circular, and clean architecture project, idea, or practice: apply to become part of this year’s LINA Architecture Programme.

LINA, the European architecture platform, is helping architecture tackle the climate and environmental crisis. It promotes projects that help make the European Green Deal a reality. LINA is an alliance of architectural museums, universities, research networks, foundations, triennials, biennials, and other architectural organisations.

LINA members are carrying out the LINA Architecture Programme. Taking part in their events and activities will increase your project’s visibility and help you raise it to the next level through hands-on and in-depth work with skilled curators, researchers, producers, communicators, educators, and editors.

LINA is looking for innovative projects and practices that address sustainable and environmental challenges in architecture, with the ambition of eventual implementation. LINA welcomes a wide range of projects, social innovations, critical practices, research, and speculation that address the everyday, ethical, and social implications of the climate and environmental crisis.

Architects, landscape architects, urban planners, designers, engineers, researchers, artists, curators, and other creative professionals at the beginnings of their careers are invited and encouraged to join our call.

If you want to actively participate in development, research, experimentation, publication, or other activities contributing to a more sustainable construction and design of our living space and environment at large, LINA'd like to hear what you have to say!

All applications will be published on the LINA Platform website. Applications will be evaluated by the members of the LINA General Assembly.

LINA will help your projects get seen and heard within the international community. Authors of the selected projects, LINA fellows, will present their work at the LINA conference in Ljubljana. There, they’ll be invited to match up with LINA members, invited to take part in their activities, and become part of the LINA Architecture Programme 2022–23.

The Platform will cover travel within Europe and accommodation costs for LINA fellows who are invited to attend the LINA Conference in Ljubljana. Platform members will cover travel within Europe, accommodation costs, and provide honoraria for participants they’ve invited to take part in their events.

Please read through the Terms and conditions carefully, as eligibility restrictions apply.


Publication of the Call for Projects: 28 July 2022

Deadline for submitting applications: 12 September 2022 at 11.59 PM CET

LINA Conference: 21 — 22 October 2022, Ljubljana, Slovenia

LINA Architecture Programme 2022—2023: 23 October 2022 — 31 May 2023, hosted by LINA members across Europe

You can apply from LINA Platform website

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