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Cameroon, First Destination of The African Cities Round Tour by Africa Innovation Network

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Cameroon, First Destination of The African Cities Round Tour by Africa Innovation Network

African cities are home to nearly half of Africa's population, and over the next 30 years, the continent's cities will be home to more than 950 million additional people. For example, Lagos, the capital of Nigeria and one of the fastest-growing cities in the world, will reach more than 32 million people by 2050. Yet the continent's cities and urban areas face major challenges: poverty, unemployment, substandard housing, and lack of basic services. However, African cities are also lands of beauty, diversity, and opportunity that can be enhanced through resilient and sustainable innovations. Indeed, building more sustainable and resilient African cities will enable changes in urban areas through concentrated economic activities, innovation, job creation, and empowerment; this will enable city dwellers to benefit from the potential of cities through social transformation, inclusion, and integration.


African Cities Round Tour_Danièle DIWOUTA KOTTO, Architect

African Cities Round Tour_Horcel SOKENG, Architect-urban planner

African Cities Round Tour is a documentary series that gives voice to the continent's actors to draw a vision of more sustainable, resilient, and inclusive African cities, especially through the potential of innovation and technological development. Urban planners, architects, designers, artists, engineers, and ordinary city dwellers, the African cities round tour aims to take stock of the urban dynamics on the continent, while taking a forward-looking look at the African cities of tomorrow.


African Cities Round Tour_Fabrice BINDZI, Decentralisation expert

African Cities Round Tour_Hermann KAMTE, Architect

African Cities Round Tour_Princy NYANGON, Architect

A Central African country with an estimated population of more than 25 million in 2019, Cameroon is one of the countries with the most important urban dynamics in the sub-region.

 This first documentary addresses the challenges of urbanization in Cameroon and the vision for more inclusive and sustainable cities. Through the eyes of many experts in urban planning, architecture, environment, urban policies, etc., this documentary analyzes the urban dynamics in the country and draws the fundamentals for building more resilient and sustainable urban settlements in Cameroon.

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