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"Journal of Architecture & Urban Planning" released by Soffeh

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Publisher: School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran.

No. 76, Vol. 27, Spring 2018

ISSN: 1683-870X

Language: Farsi

Director: Akbar H. Zargar, PhD

Editor-in-Chief: Mahmoud Razjouyan, PhD.

Soffeh began its activities since 1990 at University of Shahid Beheshti. The journal mainly focuses on studying of present and past status of architecture and urbanism in Iran and all over the world and strongly emphasizes on theory and research. In this regard, the editorial board of the journal takes benefit of the experienced academic members. Soffeh already was published two issues per year and now it publishes a new one every season.

Index of articles:

- Proper imitation, the prerequisite for creativity; The role of imitation learning in the training of architectural design process.

- Author: Vahid Sadram.

- The role of circulation space in accessing flexible residential units.

- Authors: Aida Rasouli Sani Abadi, Maryam Farhadi, Ali Gaffari.

- Categorization and analysis of capabilities in a variety of flexible approaches.

- Author: Maryam Garavi.

- The role of “daily landscape” in the quality of urban spaces.

- Case Study: girls’ dormitory route in Shahid Beheshti university, Tehran.

- Authors: Seyed Hasan Taghavi, Sayid Noruzian Maleki, Shayesteh Alidoost.

- Assessing Sensory Richness in Urban Spaces: An analytical framework.

- Author: Zahra Sedaghat.

- Why Pedestrianization Projects in Iran Fail, Case Study: 17 Shahrivar Street in Tehran.

- Authors: Iraj Etesam, Mohammad Javad Nouri.

- Investigation on the morphology of the Iranian bazaar with the approach of the spatial theory of the city. Case studies: Kerman and Shiraz bazaars.

- Authors: Azadeh Lak, Pantea Hakimian

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