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Indian Architectural Journalist Pappal Suneja Releases His Second Book

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Indian Architectural Journalist Pappal Suneja Releases His Second Book

The new book "Literature Study and Technical Writing in Architecture" published by lap-lambert academic publishing is an attempt by the author Pappal Suneja to make architecture students understand the whereabouts of a literature study and technical writing attributes in architecture, it also focuses on the fact that for such studies some base cliché needs to be followed. With this learning, one may attain an experiential platform to represent and portray a better understanding of the subject and also will have a greater impact on both evaluator as well as the learner who shall ultimately end up enhancing the final outcome of his/her architectural journey

This book caters to the two most important parts of architectural representations. One is the literature study and other is technical aspects of writing.  

For literature study conceiving any design requires brainstorming all the parameters, dimensions and factors that it incorporates. Reviewing the considerations in terms of literature unfolds many aspects that would otherwise be left untouched.

Technical Writing in Architecture is more related to one’s academic orientation and prowess. It is an in-depth study and analysis of a particular subject matter that is supported by facts and figures. Not only is it an analysis of a particular subject, but is a factual description that is governed by verified statements and assimilated information. Also, this book covers the basics of Paper Writing in Architecture that is an integral part of technical writing. A paper writing, in the field of architecture, can be made quite diverse as it does cover that wide an arena, including our culture, tradition, linguistics, environment, activity pattern, lifestyle, settlement planning, human circulation and much more.

Indian Architectural Journalist Pappal Suneja Releases His Second Book

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