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Fourth Batch Dates For Architectural Writing Course By Acedge And Apurva Bose Dutta Announced

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Fourth Batch Dates For Architectural Writing Course By Acedge And Apurva Bose Dutta Announced

Acedge has announced the dates for the fourth batch for their online Architectural Writing course titled “Writing/s in Architecture: Building Bridges Through Words” (“writings course”). The course has been taught to multiple batches of aspirants since August 2020 by author and award-winning architectural journalist, architect Apurva Bose Dutta. The fourth batch is dated to occur from January 16th, 2021.

Objectives of the course series

The LIVE online course is a unique teaching start-up to aid the growing enthusiasm and curiosity for the long unsung art of writing within architecture, in India. And the effort is captained by architect Apurva’s methods of teaching and course curation. “The importance of writing in/about architecture has long been established; however, in many countries, including India, it has invariably remained unexplored and is pursued as a mainstream profession by a handful”, says architect Apurva.

The course also aims at promoting an intensive and enjoyable focus on upgrading every aspirant’s writing muscle. The niche area of writing about and in architecture has also been like the art object in pieces shining as scattered and semi-buried shards. The new wave of writing exploration by upcoming and established architects and students alike in India is visibly piecing back together this art, under the aegis of teaching modules like the writings Course. “The interest in the subject has been universal; what is lacking, particularly in India, is serious training in architectural writing. The objective behind the classes is not only to introduce skills to learners, but also knowledge about architectural writing, and how these two disciplines can be integrated. The discussions that happen during the classes also lead to stimulating architectural discourses”, says architect Apurva.

Focus area for the fourth batch of classes

Upon highlighting that there exists a research-proven link between architecture and writing, the course briefs us the different links in the web of words, expressions and architectural philosophies. “In architecture, creating narratives can equate to conceptualizing stories in writing, while the aspect of structures, aesthetics, and redesigning can correspond to usage of words and phrases, expressions, and editing. One can also equate the power of philosophies in architecture to that of literature. The art and craft of writing, though a lonely process, when performed for the discipline of architecture becomes a stimulating one that articulates design and its impressions, drives architectural discourses, educates and builds opinions in academia, practice, media, and society”, reads the course description.

Fourth Batch Dates For Architectural Writing Course By Acedge And Apurva Bose Dutta Announced

By means of readings, knowledge sharing, interactive lectures and doubt clarifications, the course will paint to the students the picture of architectural writing. “This course will build on comprehending architectural writing in India, and globally, and dwell into its multifaceted impact, numerous operative mediums, typical genres, and mandates, styles, and structures that govern it”, reads the course brief.

Ethos and Acedge

The brainchild of architect Gita Balakrishnan, Ethos was started in 2002 with the mandate of raising awareness about our built environment. Ethos aims to democratize education by means of bridging the gap between students and professionals. Ethos measures the architecture fraternity as ACED- Architecture, Construction, Engineering and Design. On this background, Acedge sprung off the Ethos base to place efficient and effective learning on a digital platform. “We’re a platform developed to equip students from the fields of design and technology to be agents of change, to lead and not just follow and to contribute towards building a harmonious society”, says architect Gita.

Acedge’s online classroom is also stocked up with a variety of learning tools. “Through online studios, ask-me-anything sessions, courses and workshops, Acedge uses its unique design-driven interface to make ideas, and experts accessible to all across the globe”, says team Acedge. Their service caters to over 20,000 learners presently, with the backing of Indian, and foreign mentors from Bristol, Queensland and Montreal among others.

Course Schedule

The fourth batch is scheduled as a six-week course with two-hour-sessions inclusive of a questioning and answering period. The course starts on 16th January 2021 and will run until 20th February 2021, at 1730-1930 Indian Standard Time. The first three batches have been running since 22nd August 2020, with the third one wrapping up on 26th December 2020.

Acedge opened this course to an active response in the first batch from students that encouraged a push of the original time frame from 9 hours to 15 hours. “The course consists of theoretical lectures, live interactive sessions, exercises to strengthen reading and research and a written assignment that is introduced in the third week. All exercises are discussed and debated upon in class”, says the team. Click here for registration and more details about this course.

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