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BARQ International Architecture Film Festival Barcelona will be held from May 11th to May 16th 2021

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BARQ International Architecture Film Festival Barcelona will be held from May 11th to May 16th 2021

The BARQ Festival, International Architecture Film Festival Barcelona, celebrates its first edition from May 11th to May 16th 2021, which will take place onsite in the city of Barcelona (as long as it can be held and it does not have to be cancelled following the recommendations and measures imposed from the government or health authorities within the Covid-19 context) and online. 

The online modality of the festival will exclusively be geoblocked in Spain, either as a complement to the festival’s onsite sessions or as the only form of holding the event, in case that the scheduled onsite screenings and activities cannot be held.

The BARQ Festival is the only film festival dedicated to architecture and interior design in Spain and it is an initiative of the Fundació Mies van der Rohe, the Arquin-FAD Association, the Architects’Association of Catalonia (COAC) and the production company Nihao Films, specialized in audiovisual production of architectural films.

BARQ Festival is a film festival dedicated to vindicate architectural films as a specific genre and to deepen the relationships between the first and the seventh art. Cinema uses architecture to show and create worlds exploring social realities, and architecture uses cinema to reach all of the society.

With an extensive program that includes a selection of national and international documentary films and various parallel activities (talks, debates, workshops, conferences), the BARQ Festival brings to all its audience new perspectives on the creative processes behind architectural practice through cinema, in order to stimulate a dialogue between both arts and generate debate on urban, cultural, social and environmental issues.


- BARQ Award to Best Documentary Film: Awarded by the Jury of the competition documentary feature films section. It consists of a 1,500€ prize and a statuette.

- BARQ Award to Best Documentary Short Film: Awarded by the Jury of the documentary short films section in competition. It consists of a 600€ prize and a statuette.

- BARQ Audience Award: Awarded by the audience for the best documentary film in the section of feature films in competition. It consists of an honorary mention and a statuette.

The festival’s organization has the right to modify, update or improve the amount or qualitative value of each award described above.

The economic amount of all the cash awards will be subject to the withholdings determined by the legislation in force at the time of payment by the festival’s organization. All taxes are included in the above-mentioned economic allocation of the awards.

If you have or are shooting a documentary about architecture, be it a full-length film or a short film, BARQ Festival invites you to submit it to the BARQ Festival to be part of the official selection.

You can register your film until 8 February 2021. Click here to see the rules.

If you have questions, contact at [email protected].

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