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VII SWS Conference on Social Sciences (ISCSS): When Science Meets Art

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VII SWS Conference on Social Sciences (ISCSS): When Science Meets Art

This year, the SWS Scientific Society, EU Academy Of Sciences invites you to participate in a very special gathering. The SWS Scientific Society will witness the unpredictable meeting between Science and Art – the two most beloved children of the human civilization. 

SWS Society is planning yet another incredible rendezvous, between the modern and the past. The conference’s programme will cover wide area of topics as Science - now & then, Cultural Studies, Language & Linguistics and Arts & Architecture. The time has come to restore the ancient union between beauty, truth and goodness. You are all welcome to collaborate in the special conversation about the Art of Science and the Science of Art.  

SWS Society extends an invitation to all of you scientists, scholars, artists and researchers. You are welcome to become a vital part of the VII SWS conference on Social Sciences (ISCSS) – Sessions "When Science meets Art". 

"We will be focused on the exceptional lands of intersection between three great branches of Humanitarian thought – Social Sciences, Cultural Studies and Arts. It is our goal to explore the possible multidisciplinary approaches to deal with human subjectivity, society and their interconnections. The time has come to put the accent on the synthesis of Human and Natural Sciences, of Art and Science."

Annually the city of Vienna will host the event, but this year, we will enjoy the magnificent beauty and hospitality of Schönbrunn Palace. Prepare yourselves to get enchanted by the festive atmosphere of Christmas time (9th-12th of December 2020) in Vienna. 

Don’t miss your chance to apply for one of our Oral/Poster presentations, Workshops, or participate with a performance. "We will gravitate around the idea of synergy between Science and Arts." It is the right moment to share your inquiries, achievements, experience and works with the rest of the scientific and artistic world. SWS Society conferences are proud to gather under one roof some of the most distinguished and prominent specialists from all around the planet. 

Come and contribute to our mission – to create the greatest multidisciplinary platform where all of us could finally co-operate in order to obtain more complete understanding of human spirit and better living conditions for the future generations.

VII SWS conference on Social Sciences (ISCSS): When Science Meets Art will be held from December 9 to 12, 2020 (9am-6pm) in Schönbrunn Palace.

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