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‘Minimalism with Opulence’ – AVG Architecture En Interiors’ game plan for 2020

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‘Minimalism with Opulence’ – AVG Architecture En Interiors’ game plan for 2020

With the changing times, there are numerous advancements that have become an integral part of recent Interior Designing trends. From golden hues to the usage of heavy upholstery, from the tranquil ideas of interior landscaping to integrating parametric aspects within a regular space; designers and architects have come a long way with answers to ‘how to accentuate our interiors?’ However, amidst the plethora of options that have become available, the debate between choosing a minimalistic or an opulent design idea – is still ongoing.

While many prefer to have a singular choice, the architects and designers at AVG Architecture En Interiors believe, that the best is when both worlds can be combined: rich patterns with pastel shades, modern furnishing with lustrous edges and feature walls with a single antique element; and surely it does have its advantages which cannot be denied!

Aesthetic and timeless

The true success of any design, be it Architecture or Interiors, lies with its relevance to the current time. Especially where interiors are concerned, it comprises of spaces that we visually and physically relate to, every time we glance through or reside in them. Thus, remembering the stakes at hand, timelessness becomes a major quality that we all wish to inculcate in our ambiance, and being ‘minimalistic-ally opulent’ is one of the simplest ways of achieving such results.

“Trends are transitional. Some of them are eternal while some vanish within a short time span. Thus, in order to create a design that remains invaluable to its users and owners for a considerable frame of time, it is always better to blend simplicity with ostentatious factors, such that the resultant scheme is aesthetic and effective”, stated Ar. Archana Van Gils – the Principal of AVG Architecture En Interiors.

The bedroom (mentioned above) from a project 'Woven Layers'  designed by AVG Architecture En Interiors.

Synonymous with their strategy, the studio incorporated detailed vertical patterns and contemporary furnishing in the same frame of the bedroom, while designing a residence at Gurugram - entitled ‘The Woven Layers’. Additionally, a crisp ceiling pattern along with geometric cabinets together has been compiled in this space to balance out the affluent nature of the vertical.

Ease of maintenance

While pompous designs might be a guilty pleasure for a choice of interiors, it often becomes a struggle to maintain such an elaborate panorama in its actual format, especially in today's era. In such a scenario, a melange of both styles seems to be an intelligent approach, considering that many do not prefer the geometric crispness of minimalism being the only element in a space. In Subtle Charm, a residence designed by this Studio, the client brief itself had the necessity of being easy to maintain. Thus, the final ideology implemented by the Architects and designers composed of monotone walls, subtle furnishings, and a few statement lighting aspects that added the required glitz.

These images (above and below) showcase frames from the 'Subtle Charm'  which is a residence design built around the concept of understated opulence.


Sustainable in many levels

Choosing to merge the ideas of minimalism and opulence can prove to be an extremely practical option to go within 2020. Not only does it aid to create a cost-effective option, but it also aims to be efficient towards all resources, thus avoiding overexploitation of artificial materials. The usage of natural wooden textures against contemporary seating options, in the Office reception area designed by the Studio for Gulf Ispat, is one such example.

With immense greenery scattered within the office premises,  this design for Gulf Ispat presents the users with an interior combined with modern elements and natural vitality.

Yet another delightful scenario has been created by the designers of this firm, by inculcating a wicker bed with analogous wicker wall mounted lighting, in the residence named ‘Subtle Charm’, mentioned earlier. Such precedents effectively prove that interiors can also be designed as sustainable spaces, provided the correct stylistic approach is accepted and executed well.

The theme of beige splashed around this bedroom (mentioned above) supplements the required earthy aspects.

Choosing to be simple or gaudy, is a decision that has to be made according to the client’s aspirations and the design style of the Architect or designer. Nonetheless, weaving both into the same yarn can aid to appeal to a far larger audience than by selecting just one or as Architect Archana Van Gils clearly states “In 2020, it is necessary that we Architects and Designers understand the need of the hour and react accordingly. There are often such instances when our creative visions do not match the thought of the client, choosing Minimalism or Opulence, just being one of the cases. Delivering a scheme that showcases the individuality of the client while establishing a creative prowess is the challenge and the solution. When we fuse two competent options, we achieve a third that is not only more stalwart in its process, rather it also turns out to be feasible and aesthetic at the same time!”

Top Image: A minimalistic yet opulent dining room designed by AVG Architecture En Interiors

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