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Winners announced for the Europe 40 Under 40 Awards 2019

Greece Architecture News - May 19, 2020 - 13:20   5369 views

Winners announced for the Europe 40 Under 40 Awards 2019

The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies and the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design have announced winners for the Europe 40 Under 40 Awards for 2019, presenting the world's rising figures in the field of architecture and design.

40 Under 40 is an annual awards program that celebrates the next new talented generation of European architects. Spread across Europe, the selected young recipients for the 2019 "Europe 40 Under 40®" come from Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Spain, The Netherlands, Turkey, United Kingdom. 

Ondřej Chybík of Chybik+Kristof Architect & Urban Designers, Benjamin Cros of Cros & Leclercq Architectes, Marco Tanzilli of TA.R.I-Architects, Anna Paszkowska-Grudziąż of 81.WAW.PL, Carlos Quevedo Rojas of Carquero Arquitectura, Mijke De Kok of Studio Valkenier, Ilgın Avcı of Cirakoglu Avci Architecture Studio-CAA.Studio, Fatih Yavuz of FREA are among the most promising and emerging design talents for the 40 Under 40 Awards.

The laureates selected for 2019 who provide an insight into the architectural scene in Europe are in alphabetical order and per country the following:

1. Elina Kritikou- EKKY Studio Architects L.L.C. (Cyprus)
3. Simon BarthelemyNOVO architectures(France)
4. Raphael Bétillon- Bétillon &Freyermuth architects (France)
5. Moïse Boucherie- TRACKS Architectes(France)
6. Fabien Brissaud- MOBILE Architectural Office (France)
7. Meriem Chabani- TXKL Architectes Urbanistes (France-Algeria)
8. Benjamin Cros- Cros & Leclercq Architectes (France)
9. Michel De Rocca Serra- ORMA ARCHITETTURA (France)
10. Florent Descolas-OYAPOCK ARCHITECTES (France)
11. Florian Faye- Faye Architectes (France)
12. Guillaume Freyermuth- Bétillon et Freyermuth architects (France)
13. Jean Luc Fugier- PAN architecture (France)
14. Véronique Hours- A.P.Arts (France)
15. Michel Juen-Michel Juen Architecte dplg (France)
16. Pierre Lelievre- ATELIER L2 (France)
17. Christophe Lemoal-Lemoal Lemoal Architectes (France)
18. François Lepeytre-Atelier CMJN (France)
19. Jean-François Madec-JEAN-FRANCOIS MADEC ARCHITECTE (France)
20. Lorenzo Majer-bianchimajer (France)
21. Pauline Marchetti-Ferrier Marchetti Studio (France)
22. Anne-Julie Martinon-MAAJ ARCHITECTES (France)
23. Adrien Mondine-OYAPOCK ARCHITECTES (France)
24. Ronan Prineau-Atelier Ronan Prineau (France)
25. Vanessa Larrère- OECO ARCHITECTES (France)
26. Jean-Benoît Vétillard- Jean-Benoît Vétillard Architecture (France)
27. Ilias Papageorgiou- PILA (Greece)
28. Maria Tsaftari- Urban Soul Project (Greece)
29. Τhomas O Brien- t o b architect (Ireland)
30. Marco Tanzilli- TA.R.I-Architects (Italy)
31. Jakub Cieślik- grupaVERSO (Poland)
32. Anna Paszkowska- Grudziąż - 81.WAW.PL (Poland)
33. Łukasz Skorek- KUMSTUDIO- Łukasz Skorek (Poland)
34. Carlos Quevedo Rojas -Carquero Arquitectura (Spain)
35. Rocío Pina- ENORME Studio (Spain)
36. Mijke De Kok- Studio Valkenier (The Netherlands)
37. Mehmet Cemil Aktaş- Caps.Architecture and Planning (Turkey)
38. Ilgın Avcı- Cirakoglu Avci Architecture Studio-CAA.Studio (Turkey)
39. Fatih Yavuz- FREA (Turkey)
40. Scott Kyson- Studio Kyson (United Kingdom)

The selection process

The forty architects and designers of 2019 were selected by some of the most reputable and multi-awarded imminent architects in Greece. 

More specifically, the jury consisted of four acclaimed Greek architects:

Tsampikos Petras: Architect, Founder of Petrās Architecture
Thanasis Polyzoidis: Architect, Co-Founder of Topio7 Architecture
Iro Skouloudi: Architect, Designer
Tzina Sotiropoulou: Architect, Co-Founder of Architectones02, Founder of

The "Europe 40 Under 40®" is an annual program initiated by The European Centre to spotlight and distinguish the next generation of architects and designers who will impact future living and working environments, cities, and rural areas. It is an annual celebration of innovation and creativity.

The program is open to all young architects, landscape architects, urban planners, and industrial designers currently under the age of 40, working independently, in a firm, or on a specific project as the lead designers.


All winning projects will be featured in the "Europe 40 Under 40®" exhibition that will take place in June 2020 in Athens, Greece, at the European Centre (74 Mitropoleos Street). Both the dates and the duration of the exhibition will be announced shortly.

A special edition based on the show will also be published by the Metropolitan Arts Press featuring the Next New Talented Generation of European Architects and Designers for 2019 and will be available internationally to archi-lovers all around the world.

For more information about the jury, the architects, the designers and their works, please visit here

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