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Concoction of Tokyo and India: The Grey Room Restro-Bar

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Concoction of Tokyo and India: The Grey Room Restro-Bar

Diversification has always been one of the most significant characteristics of Indian culture. In terms of Design too, various projects especially in Hospitality sectors, explicitly showcase the intricacies of the legacy we all are a part of. In this recently completed project called The Grey Room, This Is It Designs sought to accomplish the amalgamation of modern India into the cosmopolitan skyline of Tokyo. Located in one of the busiest shopping districts in the city, this restaurant serves to conglomerate the contemporary aspects of our design sensibility with the ‘larger than life’ semblance of the metropolis.

Concoction of Tokyo and India: The Grey Room Restro-Bar

The implementation of this interior design project was in complete harmony with the client’s desire of creating a frame consisting of both Indian and Japanese elements. Thus, the design team conceptualized a space that could portray the traditional components of Japanese culture intertwined with the golden opulence of India. Executed with the unison of three professionals of this divergent country; Chef Ravi Tej Nath, Owner Sunandan Kapur, and Designer Saheba Singh; this project at its core aims to celebrate the congruence of Indian and Japanese values – with a touch of sophisticated boldness.

Concoction of Tokyo and India: The Grey Room Restro-Bar

The intersection of the two rich thought processes have been inculcated from the inception of the design itself, through the placement of a solid hostess desk glistened with a layer of gold leaf. Symbolic of the monolithic texture of Japanese civilization, the touch of shimmer is sure to remind any embarking user of royal Indian affluence. Perching forward, a combination of comfortable lounge seating and individual chairs tinted with shades of grey, successfully switch the neutral tone perceivable throughout. A rugged stone cladding in grey portrays the intricate history of India with context to its rock-cut design, while posing under warm yellow lighting, thus forming the apt backdrop to this classy setting.

Concoction of Tokyo and India: The Grey Room Restro-Bar

A two-step higher section, denoting the euphoric aura that is characteristic of this area, is what catches the next glimpse of the eye. Flanked by a long bar possessing a dark grey marble tabletop, serene seating options dressed in clouded monotones, effectively allow the user to dial down and indulge in the surrounding imperial luxuries. Yet another slightly segregated arena can glance at upfront from the preceding area, placed to further permeate luxury to the encompassed composition. Located adjacent to the primary seating spaces, the private spaces posses a complementary indulgence of grey, established through the usage of concrete.

Concoction of Tokyo and India: The Grey Room Restro-Bar

An outdoor seating option, accessible through the commuting entrance lobby, showcases the impeccable ambience to enjoy an evening while feasting on a spectacular view of the Megalopolis. Done in grey furnishings, the fervour implicated by the usage of hardwood flooring is judiciously contrasted with the weave of the upholstery, thus drawing a gracious bookmark to the culmination.

To create an effective mélange of such contradictory textures and elements, such that it does not look fragmented, rather combines to form one unified picturesque layout – was the most crucial challenge faced by the design team. “Using a minimal number of materials and implementing them in their utmost grandeur”, is what the Designer Saheba Singh conceptualized to accomplish in this one-of-a-kind project and was successful in uplifting it to the crescendo it deserved.

The Grey Room Tokyo is an inceptive idea that was executed to create a divergent lounge experience, which carries a whiff of the cuisine and exudes an omnipresent sense of poise, through its elucidative design demonstration.

Project facts

Location: Ginza- Tokyo. Japan.

Principle Designer: Saheba Singh

Company Name: This Is It Designs Pvt. Ltd.

Built-Up Area: 1500 sq.ft.

Typology: Hospitality Interiors

Completion Date: November 2019

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