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Bangladeshi architects develop low-cost medical equipment to fight Covid-19

Bangladesh Architecture News - Mar 23, 2020 - 18:03   15302 views

Bangladeshi architects develop low-cost medical equipment to fight Covid-19

An architect startup IDESIGNSTUDIO from Bangladesh teamed up with young tech enthusiasts and initiated a program, called PROJECT Xto develop low-cost medical equipment to face the Covid-19 challenge. 

The novel coronavirus has exposed a major secret in the global management of healthcare systems and that is the outrageous shortage of medical equipment. It is unthinkable to imagine a world which is spending trillions in boosting startups of which 90% or more end up in failure but not enough on medical services and equipment that in a time of crisis, even the g7 countries are struggling with the management of medical equipment and supplies.

"We are on the line with the true spirit of open source, making the design and specifications open so that everyone can make these kits as necessary and save the country and its people", says Sadat Sakif.

Bangladesh knows the danger of ICU (Intensive Care Unit) lackings for the approximate coronavirus count and as such now more than ever need these DIY life-saving kits. Nevertheless, the OPEN-SOURCE technologies do not suit in a country like Bangladesh exactly, because 3D printers do not have the correct volume or at the correct cost to allow the DIY fans usable. Thus, the team created their own framework that takes on these open source projects the basic concepts and adapts them to the manufacturing capacities and capital.   

This DIY Ventilators O2 has been redesigned, so the cost remains under $50 per unit and can be easily manufactured with existing resources and technologies.

DIY Ventilators O2. Image © PROJECT X

At the same time, it is not possible to hold the entire country indefinitely, or at some point, we must come out in urgent need. Hospitals, police stations, and other important services will keep going. If someone is infected or has symptoms of an attack, strict isolation should be followed. But by following all the rules, those who have to go out of the house to remove the deadly virus from their outer cover are the only processes through which disinfection is done. So, the team came up with the disinfection cabin (Portable Sterilisation Chamber) that will be required in many types of work areas upfront. This disinfection box can guarantee a kind of security in a public gathering or keeping people active.

Through this very low cost ($60) any organization, synagogues, hospitals, and government institutions with a high-security (Portable Sterilisation Chamber) checks can move on and keep the economy active. 

The core idea of PROJECT X is to make this design "Open Source"  to everyone so that anyone can build it at home from anywhere, anytime. 

You can download the complete design here.  

Top image: Portable Sterilisation Chamber 1.0. Image © PROJECT X