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Call for the Second National Photography Festival of Qazvin Darolsaltanat

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Call for the Second National Photography Festival of Qazvin Darolsaltanat

Renovation and Improvement Organization of Qazvin holds the second National Photography Festival of Qazvin Darolsaltanat which aims at introducing, maintaining and supporting valuable spaces of Qazvin, specially its tourism path.

Objectives of the festival:

  • Introducing the tourism path as the first selected tourism path of Iran
  • Attracting attention of citizens, tourists and photographers to tourism path of Qazvin and introducing it
  • Recognizing of people more and better and being aware of activities, services and actions taken in the tourism path
  • Presenting and introducing historical buildings and their architecture
  • Showing innovative art programs to attract attention of tourists and aligning them with activities of the organization

Sectors of the festival

The festival tries to better introduce the tourism path and historical context of Qazvin and welcomes the national and local photographers, citizens, tourists and international participants in four sectors as follows:

  • Main Sector (Photo Marathon): This sector is allocated to all admitted photographers (invited and non-invited).
  •  Side Sector (Architecture): A separate sector with architectural photography approach is held to better introduce Qazvin and the tourism path since there are several historical and valuable buildings in this city.
  • Mobile Phone Sector: All citizens, tourists and freelancer photographers may participate in this sector which includes photography using mobile phone.
  • Archive Sector: The photos of Qazvin and tourism path with precedence of at least 30 years shall be included in this sector of the festival.

Head of Policy Making Council: Dr. Ali Safari

Head of Strategic & Executive Board: Eng. Arash Rashvand Aveh

Art Director & Secretary of the Festival: Khashayar Fazel Kashani

The Jury:

Kiarang Alaei

Karim Mottaghi

Shadi Ghadirian

Saeid Mahmoudi Aznaveh

Behnam Sedighi

Date & Time:

Date of Publishing the Call: March 02, 2019

Date of Beginning of Enrollment in the Festival Site: March 11, 2019

Deadline to Send Resume: April 06, 2019

Date of Publishing Name of the Invited Photographers: April 09, 2019

Date of Holding the Festival: April 30, May 01, and May 02, 2019

Deadline to Send Works (Side sector, mobile phone and archive): May 02, 2019

Judgment of Works: May 03 & May 04, 2019

Date of Publishing Name of Winners: May 06, 2019

Date of Closing the Festival, Awarding Prizes & Opening of Photography Gallery: June 10, 2019  

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