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François Roche gave free accesses to three of his books

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François Roche gave free accesses to three of his books

François Roche, a French architect, co-founder of the architecture studio New-Territories, shared three of his books on New-Territories Bkk facebook page to give accesses to download. These three books have very different but connected themes, just like Roche, who is always evolving in his architectural/fictional path and never conform to a static reality.

Broomwitch, a project of R&Sie(n) (former New-Territories) with artist Pierre Huyghe, invented artistic apparatus on stimulating the growth of nature. The machines work like parasites, creating an evoluting landscape. Image © New-Territories

The first one is #25 of Log magazine, independent architecture journal that curate contemporary city’s critics and commentaries. The magazine is made free as it was sold out in 4 months in 2012 and it never got reprinted. LOG 25 Reclaim Resi[lience]stance is edited by Cynthia Davidson and curated by François Roche.  

François Roche gave free accesses to three of his books

Image © New-Territories Bkk facebook page

The journal includes 23 articles and poetry from 27 artists, architects, critics and mathematicians. Interweaving between the ideas of resilience (vitalism as a force of life) and resistance (creating is resisting). Contributors address Resi[lience]stance from different perspectives like computational, fictional, literal and scientific. 

The Thing by Shabnam Hosseini & Hamish Rhodes, a fictional script on addressing systems of creations. Image © The Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design, University of Toronto

If you want a quick start, one of the contributors Léopold Lambert, founder of The Funambulist wrote an excellent review on this Log #25. It is a good to start the book from the back of the issue, where Roche summarized each piece in one sentence: 

The second book is mythomaniaS: crime scenes & psycho case studies, a series of experiments begun in 2012 by Camille Lacadee and François Roche. By constructing environmental or architectural psycho-scapes, the scenarios and the psychology give feedbacks to each other and transform each other.

Check out some of the experiments in this video: 

#mythomaniaS short films) from mindmachinemakingmyths on Vimeo.

The last one is who are you F.R.? Being very secretive for a long time and refusing to show his appearance, François Roche has always been the architect of ''who are you?''. The book was released with François Roche’s solo exhibition S/he would rather do FICTION MAKER at FRAC Centre in France. Why he put the book free for download? ''Reason_too confidential diffusion'' is his response.

While we don’t know how long these books will be available for download, act quick! You can download three books free: Log #25, mythomaniaS, who are you F.R.?

Top image © New-Territories

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