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DOMANI creates "worth-watching" club house with light-filled and pure structure in China

China - Jan 30, 2018 - 04:41   6278 views

China-based design firm DOMANI has completed a simple and pure club house in China, which seems to be swimming on the water. Named Sky Club House, the project, led by Ann Yu - who is Director of the firm - covers a total of 1,500-square-metre area in total. 

The one-story building, developed for Times Property presents a grey-scaled colour palette for its entire facade, with its protruding mega windows, which increase elegancy and monumentalism throughout the building. 

Located in Guang Dong Province, China, all architecture and design of the interior are all created by Ann Yu, who is Senior interior architect and the Associate and Creative Director of DOMANI. 

"As a permanent building, the club has been completed in Time Berlin and Time Sky, and will be presented in Times Property's flagship plate one after another," said DOMANI.

The outer skin, cleanness and freshness are the most attracting architectural elements for the house, giving a special character to the building. 20% grey artificial concrete tiles are paved well-proportioned through whole space, traces of time will spontaneously reflect on material. The consistency of material and exquisite texture create integrity interaction with this character.

The building is filled with natural light due to its extreme height in the interior. Nature light is a character, in a construction that is designed for this character, it has all possibilities and freedom. 

"Whether it draws the outline of material, or making interesting interaction with fixed installation, nature light has full of variety and that is what creates impression of construction interior," said the firm. 

"People are resting, excising, communicating and taking all kinds of activities in this space. We hope that construction with abstract entrance can introduce people’s sight to exterior and above. After all, sky and water surface flow worth more observation than all solid construction."

Ground floor plan


Project facts

Name: Sky Club House

Area: 1500m2 

Location: Guang Dong Province, China 

Client: Times Property 

Architectural Design: Ann Yu, DOMANI 

Interior Design: Ann Yu, DOMANI 

Installation & Exhibition: Ann & Vincent 

Cooperative Design: Leo Huang, DOMANI

Date: 2017.06

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