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reSITE and Airbnb power a second salon in Prague, this time on tech innovation

Czech Republic Architecture News - Mar 26, 2018 - 00:04   17487 views

reSITE and Airbnb power a second salon in Prague, this time on tech innovation

reSITE, a non-profit platform supporting the understanding and synergies of architecture, urbanism, politics, culture and economics,  will host the second evening salon from “My City / Your City” series, which was started by a successful event in Berlin last December, in collaboration with a renowned holiday-rental platform Airbnb.  

The Prague volume, entitled Urban Tech Pioneers, will bring together an international panel of tech innovators from living, mobility, quality of life and startup scenes. The event curated by reSITE in partnership with Airbnb will take place on March 27 at SmetanaQ Gallery and explore the potential of technology for cities and the quality of life.

“Sharing has become fundamental to our lives from an economic, ecological and social perspective. As space and resources become scarcer, how can we more intelligently and inventively use what we have to provide maximum benefit? How does technology and sharing impact our lives in the future of cities? Our collective goal should be to make sharing accessible, make it easier to turn good ideas into startups, and utilize technology more for the benefit of all citizens, to bring more equity, and improve more lives," said Martin Barry, founder and chairman of reSITE.

“Around the world we’ve seen how home sharing has opened new economic opportunities for local families and their communities, while transforming the way people experience cities. We are excited to partner with reSITE to explore with tech pioneers in this space how the sharing economy can help cities across the region to empower locals and use existing resources more efficiently," said Sofia Gkiousou, Regional Public Policy Manager for EMEA of Airbnb.

The panel discussion ‘My City / Your City: Urban Tech Pioneers’ will focus on the intersection of creativity and new technologies enabling a change in the way we live in our cities.

reSITE and Airbnb power a second salon in Prague, this time on tech innovation

From left to right: Rui Coelho, Sofia Gkiousou, Szilvia Walter and Martin Pejša

The speakers are composed of Rui Coelho, Executive Director of Invest Lisboa, Sofia Gkiousou, Regional Public Policy Manager EMEA, Airbnb, UK, Martin Pejša, Founder & CEO Creative Dock, Czech Republic, and Szilvia Walter, Co-founder & CEO | EVA – Extended Visual Assistant, Hungary. Welcome addresses will be held by Martin Barry, reSITE and Andrew Verbitsky, Central & Eastern Europe General Manager, Airbnb.

Szilvia Walter, the Co-founder of EVA – Extended Visual Assistant, will join us from Budapest. EVA is an EU Top 50 Startup winner currently prototyping AI glasses for the visually impaired. Her startup represents a great example of social impact entrepreneurship by improving the quality of life of visually impaired clients. The AI glasses will be a solution for the 20 million visually impaired people in Europe.

Martin Pejša, the founder of Creative Dock based in several European cities, will explain their “doers” business model that helped bring to life a wide portfolio of business ideas. In the past seven years, they have rolled out over 100 product prototypes, started 20 startups – four of them offer peer to peer services in mobility, financing and baby care – and have over 250 employees. Creative Dock stresses creativity first and the founder will explain the importance of sharing and collaborative approach for their success.

Regional Public Policy Manager for EMEA of Airbnb, Sofia Gkiousou, will join us from London and discuss how new technologies can help bring people closer and create new forms of economic empowerment.

Rui Coelho, Head of Invest Lisboa agency, will give the umbrella perspective of a city that made tech innovation part of its external strategy and puts a maximum effort to one simple goal: attract the best talents rising on the international startup landscape to base their business in Lisbon.

The discussion will be held in English and moderated by Linda Bartošová, Czech Television reporter and anchor.

The event will take place in the SmetanaQ Gallery space and includes a party and DJ. The Salon is open to social and tech innovators, policy makers, researchers, architects and designers, journalists, students, artists, cultural and municipal leaders, and everybody else who is concerned about a better future for our cities. The entry is free upon registration.

See the detailed program via reSITE's website.

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