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Kengo Kuma adds only tree-like structure to Coeda House without using extra columns in Shizuoka

Japan - Feb 9, 2018 - 05:22   9313 views

Japanese architect Kengo Kuma's firm Kengo Kuma And Associates has completed a new cafe supported by a tree-like structure at the core of the space, which overlooks the incredible scene in the Pacific Ocean. 

Named Coeda House, the one-storey building functions as a coffee which is situated on a site on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The most eye-catching feature of this cafe is the tree-like structure added at the center of the cafe. The tree-like form is made up of randomly stacked 8-cm square cedar boards.

Covering a 141,61-square-metre area in total, the tree-inspired structure acts as a shining sculptural element rather than appearing a structural addition. 

The studio used 8-cm square cedar boards reinforced with a carbon fiber rod, with a tensile strength 7 times that of iron. This new structural formation made possible to create a single trunk with large branches while still diminishing movement during earthquakes. 

"The site lies on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and due to the tree-like form, we were able to eliminate columns at the perimeter which would otherwise obscure the landscape," said Kengo Kuma And Associates.

Kengo Kuma is best known for his using wood and local materials in most effective ways and in different forms. Kuma designed several wooden buildings and interior spaces across the world, not only being part of the buildings but he used wood, wooden materials, or local sources as an innovative part of the structures.

Ground floor plan


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Kengo Kuma recently completed Japan House in São Paulo, Brazil with wooden strips on the facade of the building. The architect is currently working on a new eco-luxury hotel in Paris, which will be built from triangular wooden blocks and feature various green vegetation. 

Kuma's other eagerly-anticipated V&A Dundee Museum is nearing completion in Scotland, which will be opened to the public on September 15, 2018.

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