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Peter Zellner opens Free School of Architecture based on experimental education and free-tuition

United States Architecture News - Oct 03, 2016 - 17:11   11890 views

Peter Zellner opens Free School of Architecture based on experimental education and free-tuition

The LA-based designer and urban planner Peter Zellner, founder and principal of ZELLNERandCompany, has announced that he is launching a non-accredited Free School of Architecture (FSA) based on an experimental education system, which can be an autonomous organization itself to conform some sort of established models of thinking. 

Derived from an article published in Architect's Newspaper, Peter Zellner criticised architecture education from various perspectives and Zellner called upon a restructuring and reassessing of the contemporary architectural education examining new studio models of architectural education -which highlighted 5 important points: Creative or technical knowledge can be shared through engaged debate, critique, and conversation, the relatively high value placed on the approved hand and eye of the student as an expression of the notion of individual genius should be challenged, the fast paced reproduction of official styles and the copying of contemporary professional works should be exchanged for awkward experimentation and slow growth, the student and the teacher must be seen as intellectual and creative colleagues whose conversations followed shared but not parallel paths and intelligent challenges to accepted academic concepts by students and teachers alike should be celebrated and not extinguished.

Now, Peter Zellner sets up a new Free School of Architecture (FSA), including all these assortments applied in the new curriculum of FSA, which will be launched in summer 2017 in Los Angeles, California. In the FSA, ''the school will not be accredited, will not offer professional degrees, will not create a need or an opportunity to teach for salary, will not provide course credit or reciprocity with traditional institutions and will not have a permanent home,'' said Peter Zellner in the Architect's Newspaper interview.

The Free School of Architecture will explore the edges of architectural education. The FSA will include a class of 12 Post-Graduate students and a faculty of 10 teachers. The FSA will offer 12 courses over the span of 6 weeks.....Continue Reading  

Top image: courtesy of Peter Zellner

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