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WA Awards 22nd Cycle Shortlist is announced and YOU have a role to play

United Kingdom Architecture News - Mar 8, 2016 - 09:49   5036 views

The 22nd cycle of the World Architecture Community Awards is now closed. Time has come for selecting the winners and you also have a part to play in the process.

As previously announced, a maximum of 10+5+X will be selected in all three categories of the WA Awards, i.e. Realised, Designed and Student, color coded as seen below.

The first 10 in each will be chosen by our official jury, composed of some of our Honorary members as well as winners of past WA Awards. The next 5 in each category are completely democratically chosen as they will be result of most ratings from our community members and this is exactly where all our community members have a part to play.

Once you verify that you are actually signed in to the WA Community, simply visit the WA Awards Submissions by clicking here... This is were you will see our shortlist of participants, grouped by category. Under each, you will see an option to rate the project with a drop-down where you can chose how you want to rate each project. Please also make sure to click the different photo thumbnails to see alternative visuals and read the description provided by the participant to get a better understanding of what is attempted to be achieved by the project. In the example below, you may see what a project looks like and where you can rate it from.

So without delay, go ahead and make your rate count to recognise the projects you think deserve recognition.

We're accepting submissions for WA Awards 23rd Cycle, Deadline: June 30, 2016

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