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Balikesir Municipality Building
Wall Corporation Turkey (2016-0000)

Jul 14, 2021
Balıkesir Municipality service building will be located in the newly developing area of the city in the north-west direction. Of course, the campus, which is at a point dominating the city due to its location, has the potential to be one of the new focal points.

The building to be constructed in the area reserved for Balıkesir Municipality Service Building; It is aimed to be a reference to the newly developing urban environment, to be a new attraction point in the region, compatible with the surrounding recreation areas.

The building has 3 main functions consisting of municipal service offices, assembly hall of municipality and social areas. Social areas such as the restaurant and conference hall are designed by separating them from the municipality at the ground level, and by connecting to the mass where the municipal units are at the upper level with an eaves. The conference hall was designed as a green sloping mass, creating a natural hill effect. In front of the restaurant, a stepped terrace has been designed to watch the city on the terrace consisting of steps. The transition between the masses is provided by the continuity of the surface by continuing from the mass to the mass.Linear metal strips are designed as a 2nd facade as mesh. It is not only reduces energy expenditures by making a sunshade effect in the building, but also defines the contrast between full-transparent and mass surfaces in the building as an architectural language.
The area with the mesh facade defines the closed surfaces in the building and contrasts with the non-meshed areas.
The main office mass of the municipal service units consists of 10 floors.This mass of 10 floors does not have the same flooring on every floor. Rich office spaces are designed with 2-storey spaces in different directions. The service offices continue on the 3rd and 4th floors and extend below the assembly hall. The floor under the assembly hall is carried to the 3rd and 4th floors by columns on the ground,1st and 2nd floors.this colonnaded area defines a semi-open space, where it provides a semi-open space for collective events. Various shows, concerts, speeches can be held in this area protected from rain and sun.
After this colonnaded area, the building continues towards the building where the social units are only as eaves and where artistic activities can be done. In this area, while connecting the social areas with the municipal office and council hall units, it is designed to create light plays by opening spaces in different proportions on the eaves in between.

Reinfroced Concret+Steel Structure
Selim Senin
4M SALALI ARCHITECTS Turkey (2017-2019)

Jun 02, 2022
The residential part of project consists of 9 residential buildings. Total height of the buildings are ranging from 28 meters to 116 meters. Total construction area is just above 250.000 sqm where 95.000 sqm of this area is allocated for common areas such as underground parking (1765 cars), shelter, depots etc. Gross residential area is 143.000 sqm consists of 987 apartments while net apartment area is 88.071 sqm. Location of the project is close to the city center, but recently the building heights are increased as in this project and there are many mixed-use projects under construction or recently completed around it.

All the design is produced by the same studio with a holistic approach from the masterplanning stage to the interior architecture including landscaping. This allowed different teams to directly collaborate and avoids the loss of time and misunderstanding between different disciplines.
Additionally, the main intention of the design team is to create a landmark and dissociate from the surrounding buildings with an illuminated "orange diagonal mark".

There are many other mixed use development which are completed recently as this project but the market demand on this project clearly shows the success of the building layout and overall project quality. Additionally, the construcion speed of this development affected potential buyers on their decision of which project to choose. Also, the architiectural office designed a 1/100 scale model and sample apartments for each different apartment type to demonstrate the outcome of the construction to the potential customers.

Most of the materials used in the project are manufactured locally to suppport the local procurement. Moreover, the rainwater collected in the site is used for the irrigation system of the landscaping. Additionally, importance is attached to heat isolation materials to decrease the consumption of energy during heating and cooling. Energy contect of each material are considered in the decision making process. The main change is adapting the new way of living where the modern-day residents are in search of a project where they can socialize, work out, play, have fun and run errands and this project is providing all these needs in a properly designed way.
Partners in Charge: Salih Z. Salalı - Doruk Salalı
Xining Majestic Mansion Living Aesthetics Pavilon
The project is located n Xining City,Qinghai Province,China. The designer summarizes the grand and elegant urban impression of Qinghai and focuses on building a life aesthetics museum with the theme of plateau landscape gardens.The floor area of the project is 1388 ㎡ and covers an area of 7159 ㎡. In the early stage, it will be used as the sales office of the residential quarters. In the later stage, some will be opened to the public as a city living room, and the rest become the owner's back garden.

According to the Chinese people's psychology of being close to nature since ancient times, we combine people with mountains and rivers, and according to the key words “grand and elegant”, we want to bring a garden dedicated to Xining that breaks through the gentle and beautiful impression of Jiangnan gardens and takes plateau landscape as the theme for local people.

Led by architectural design and closely coordinated with interior design and landscape, this unique life aesthetics museum with the temperament of both north and South rhyme is finally achieved.

1. Architectural carving
We chose the representative of northern gardens – the garden of ten thousand gardens -- Old Summer Palace as a reference to interpret the ritual sequence. Starting from the 32nd scene of the Old Summer Palace, "Pengdao Yaotai", we take the spatial layout of "one pool and three mountains" to divide the whole garden into three parts. At the same time, the sloping roof form with double eaves of Xieshan is put in, the traditional architectural elements are simplified, and the court colors of vermilion and gilt are used to highlight its grand and elegant temperament.

2. Space shaping
At the junction of the central drawing room and the third garden, we specially built a four seasons flower hall with the theme of peony,which is also the theme of the fourth scene of Old Summer Palace, " Carve the moon and poke away the clouds ". It is always like spring in the hall, peony is blooming all the time.

3. Landscape integration
How can big mountains and rivers present on this land of only 7000m2? The designer combines the local "Eight scenic spots in Huang" in Xining as the basis of landscape design to create a unique plateau landscape.

Unlike the traditional community design with walls attached to the red line, we don't want it to be a space completely separated from the city and lack of places to communicate with the outside world, like the "Li" in the Lifang system. At the same time, we also want to break the stereotype that sales offices exist just to sell houses, we want to make them part of the city, bringing more possibilities for activities.

Guided by this concept, this semi-open community garden was formed. Its first two parts are open to the outside world, so it adopts the northern garden technique of middle axis symmetry and overlapping eaves, which is grand and magnificent to highlight Xining people's pursuit of ceremony. The third part is the interior courtyard specially created for the owners, which is closer to the private garden of Jiangnan in style, exquisite and elegant, in pursuit of inner peace.

Xining has a plateau continental climate, with short warm season, long cold season and more than 200 days of winter. In order to ensure the transparency of the interior space and the energy saving of the building at the same time, we specially choose three layers of hollow low-E glass, which greatly reduces the energy consumption and cost of heating and reduces the carbon emission.

Photography: Archi-translator

Meng Qi,Yuan Lin,Hu Guannan,Zheng Yifan,Ma Junwei
AL Hijaz shifting “Aqaba transportation hub “
toleen yousef Jordan (2022-2022)

Jul 07, 2022
AL Hijaz shifting “Aqaba transportation hub “
Designing a focal point that Develop the tourism sector in Aqaba, which is Jordan’s only port and its only coastline, Aqaba is an under-researched area in terms of tourism and community development, residents in Aqaba have not been the main priority. Another point of view is (The Hijaz railroad), The state of the Hijaz railway sits dramatically at odds with Aqaba's latest grand vision, which sees Jordan as the centerpiece of a modern regional railway network. It will play a huge connecting the "Golden Triangle" (Aqaba, Petra, Wadi Rum), which are connected by this historical railway. The Statement of the purpose for my project is to Provide a space to Engage tourists with locals, providing job opportunities for the local population, Satisfy the residence needs according to the detailed research that was made with interviews and questionnaire, a solution for transportation problems, Urban development, History preservation and rehabilitation (AL-Hijaz railway), seamless transition area for the tourists who are going to wadi-rum.
Transportation hubs can make a huge difference in improving the accessibility of public transit by providing convenient transfers between different transport modes and have high value to society. It can help improve infrastructure in the city. And make a huge impact on the economy by making the use of travelers with engaging entertainment and commercial activities.
Well managed tourism can help in mitigating negative impacts of tourism and creating a positive interaction between the host communities, tourists, and tourism industry. However, it is not difficult to mitigate the negative impacts of tourism and clarify associated benefits and that this can be effectively achieved through tourism planning. In increase, tourism industry in Jordan generates direct and indirect effects on the local communities of the tourist destinations, Aqaba has experienced tremendous development since the adoption of Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) Master Plan in 2002 to establish infrastructure and support comprehensive development activities in the region (tourism, commercial, industrial, and logistical) (ASEZA, 2013). As a result of this growth, Aqaba has become a popular worldwide tourist destination as well as a retail center (duty-free zone) for both local and foreign visitors. Even though research on people' views of tourist impacts has been widely conducted, the current study in Aqaba is required. Furthermore, the city's rapid expansion of tourism investments is generating new socioeconomic features that impact residents' quality of life, pricing, social structure, and demographic shifts. Tourists doesn’t spend much time in Aqaba their target mainly is going to wadi -rum and Petra so the challenge here also is to create a project that tourist spend more time in Aqaba

So, the need for a transportation hub project for locals and tourists’ needs is rising,
A transportation hub that includes multi -functions that also can help us to develop tourism sector , engage tourists with locals and satisfy the residence needs at the same time , a solution for transportation problems by playing the role of being connector unifying different modes of transportation,The transportation hub also responds to the need for a landmark at the city’s portal, providing social and urban opportunities in Aqaba city ,Urban development , Economy development.
What I am aiming of my project is to develop the transportation needs that can support and serve tourists and residence needs, Developing the economy by rehabilitating something neglected that has historical importance.

The project is designed as a master plan showing the functions :train station , hotel , gallery , restaurant , cinema , Entertainment facilities , bus station.
The train station will be the building that will be architecturally designed with built up area: (18,113m2) the total area of the station. Hotel . Gallery. Restaurant, the other entertainment facilities with green belt and park on the residential neighborhood side will be designed on the master plan.
The foot print of the master plan :
Station and hotel .12.000m2
Entertainment facilities .7.450m2
Park . 14.200m2
Student Name: Toleen Yousef Abudammes
Supervised by: Dr. Lama Abu Hassan
ALLESTHESIA - Hospitality Visitor Center
Sara Bayyari Jordan (2022-)

Jul 11, 2022

It is an ever lasting dilemma figuring out the purpose of the self in life. We have all immersed ourselves into the obsolete structure of life. Once someone questions these habits, they break out of that circle and they are on a quest to find themselves. Everyone has a story. There are stories in inanimate objects, stories that vary in their emotional range, stories that bring out the best or worst of human beings that can at time psychologically change their life motion and route.

The aura of space can bring a positive change in a person’s perception and mood while using the space,
the following are the design intentions:
- To study the concept of sensory architecture to understand the relation of human and their environment
- To discover various facets of architecture viz-a-viz human psyche
- To show how natural elements can be a catalyst in the healing environment and upcoming experiences
The intention is also to create an exterior and interior landmark that reorganizes and enhance physical, visual and social experiences through recreational activities whilst using natural provoking elements of the Dead Sea as a catalyst for healing environment to retreat in order to give optimum equanimity and full, new and engaging experience.

Weaving together experience, memory, and architecture. It works in favor for the natural, social and sentimental significance of the theoretical approach. Alienation leads to the need for self-actualization. The project provides unique experiences that'll spur questions and answers for oneself. It creates a community, encourage breaking out of monotony, hospitalize users to escape the alienation of the city.

Plot area: 14,000 sqm

The site is proposed to replace the Panorama Dead Sea Complex where its an active tourist attraction till this day hosts many events upon reservation and accommodates tourists at any free time. From the highest peak of the Zara mountain range, a panorama complex overlooks the world's lowest point, the Dead Sea. The complex is unique with its stunning panoramic views, making it a place with an unparalleled competitive advantage.
Designed in the Islamic Oriental style of local Travertine stone which is the proposed design going to contrast in all measures taking advantage of the steep topography of 41% slope as the topography was a pillar in the site selection criteria.

The oriental architecture style of the Dead Sea is invaded by the Avant-garde take of this hospitality visitor center to follow up with the theme of "breaking from the norms" as the vanguard of the majority with the bold extrusions and architectural language of the structure.

The chosen name for this project "ALLIESTHESIA" is in relation to the human stimuli. It is the science of senses, the changed sensation and perception! Which is what the project is aiming to achieve for the user in order to release variations of neurochemicals that focuses upon nature and reality not as an absolutum existing only outside us, but as subject to human scrutiny, interaction, and creative participation in a phenomenological experience.

How can environment be a catalyst in the healing human environment? The project tackles multiple natural aspects whether its from nature or design implemented: Air, water ground, light and sound and galactic.

Designers are the conductor of the audience's emotions. With that, user is bound to go through different scenarios as explained in the exploded diagram:

From parking lot - viewing platform - indoor / outdoor theater - gallery - hammock resting room - hiking trail
Parking – main hub – multi purpose hall – underground experience
Watch tower – windcatchers – sleeping pods – underground experience
Trolley pathway all around the project
Designer: Sara Bayyari
Supervisor: Jawdat Goussous