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Pape Bird Observation Tower winners announced for Latvia's Pape Nature Park

Latvia - Dec 8, 2017 - 06:41   7417 views

Bee Breeders Architecture Competitions have announced winners for the Pape Bird Observation Tower competition, is the first of a series to be organised by Bee Breeders in collaboration with the support of Pasaules Dabas Fonds, Latvia's leading nature conservation fund. The competition selected the winning projects from Spain, USA, France.

"Winning participants submitted designs for a new bird observation station and were selected based their functionality, as well as their sensitivity to the environment, and their potential to serve as a landmark," stated the competition.

Berta Risueño and Manuel Pareja from Spain received the 1st place prize for their designs reminiscent of a bird’s nest and a jewel box, whose use of rope on timber frame as the primary element of enclosure the jury were especially enthusiastic about.

Second place winner Jeffrey Clancy from the USA promoted an intricate interaction between park guests and nature, with eye-level panoramic views and built-in seating within a camouflaged enclosure.

The third place winners Tom Mestiri, Hugo Ramos-Guerrero, Simon Barret, and Chloé Meyer, from France created an observation tower comprised of two rectangular walls, both of which appear opaque at acute and obtuse angles yet dematerialize at the perpendicular. 

BB Student Award went to Alicem Öztürk and Konuralp Senol from Bilgi University, Turkey and BB Green Award went to Reza Aliabadi and Arman Ghafouri - Azar from Canada. 

Scroll down to see the winners with jury comments below:

1st prize: Interwoven with the landscape by Berta Risueño and Manuel Pareja from Spain

Jury comment:

"The form of this entry is simultaneously reminiscent of a bird’s nest and a jewel box – both of which bring to mind delicacy and intricacy, yet also protection. The jury was especially enthusiastic about the unique –and completely achievable – use of rope on timber frame as the primary element of enclosure." 

"While the rope may require further density to achieve some level of concealment, it is a sustainable and economical material that is easy to transport. Fabrication of the project could be completed off or on site, allowing for easy construction and also straightforward maintenance or replacement. The design is among the boldest of the submissions to this competition."

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2nd prize: Pape Bird Observation Tower by Jeffrey Clancy, USA

Jury comment:

"An important factor of parkland conservation is the necessity to share with visitors the wonders of nature, so that society, too, feels the need to protect its fragile and priceless resources. This project shows great potential to promote such interaction. With eye-level panoramic views and built-in seating, the submission invites lengthy and comfortable visits, camouflaging users so as not to alarm flying birds or wandering animals on the ground."

"The jury feels it is unfortunate that the entry does not take advantage of the 11m height limit to permit views from this maximum elevation, yet it finds the design’s somber form and color, timber structure, and enclosure of burnt wood convincing and feasible. The submission’s graphics are exceptional in their simplicity – such austerity makes clear the project’s intention to function without being an impedance on the Pape Nature Park. A ground level platform also shows sensitivity to observers who may not wish to climb to the level above."

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3rd prize: Līnija by Simon Barret, Hugo Ramos-Guerrero, Tom Mestiri, Chloé Meyer from France

Jury comment:

"The design is comprised of two rectangular walls which appear opaque at acute and obtuse angles yet dematerialize at the perpendicular. The overall effect is striking and functional. It allows for clear views to the marshlands at all points within the enclosure while also screening animals from easily seeing visitors. The form is powerful and offers multiple levels of viewing platforms." 

"Construction sequence is not entirely clear in the submission drawings, but given the planar form of the building and use of metallic grilles as the primary building element, fabrication, modularity and structural integrity are not expected to be problematic. The entry shows great promise as a landmark within the park."

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BB Green Award: Gnomon by Reza Aliabadi, Arman Ghafouri - Azar from Canada

BB Student Award: Halat by Alicem Öztürk and Konuralp Senol from Turkey

See the full selection of all winners, honorable mentions, and shortlisted entries in the competition's website.

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