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Miel Arquitectos creates chimeric interior by using mirrored cubes in Spanish apartment

Spain - Aug 4, 2017 - 14:23   2812 views

A group of mirrored-cubes are placed at the centre of an apartment to attract visitors' attention, appropriate the views with natural light and prolong the stays between these reflective furnitures based on pleats and folds.

Spanish architecture studio Miel Arquitectos and a few young architects from Studio P10 have designed the interior of a flat of Barcelona apartment with reflective surfaces wrapped by mirrors and vivid colours. 

Covering a total of 65-square-metre space, the new design removes the boundaries of spaces between rooms and creates a tricky environment to find your direction towards any room. 

A creative distribution of mirrors entices the glimmer of light, which is scattered at third floor of Sant Antoni apartment. A sensitively arrangement of mirrors invite the trees and the nature of the barrio into the space.

"Two windows facing a party wall, our point of reference, the beginning of the project where serendipity arose and focused our purpose," said Miel Arquitectos. 

"We extended this design strategy to the internal distribution of space. Positioning a cube of mirrors, acting as a kaleidoscope of light at the geometric hinge of the apartment."

"Internally, this golden cube houses those apartment services that can be utilised without natural light – the kitchen & two en-suite bathrooms. Externally, it creates the illusion of space that spreads to the bedrooms and communal areas," added the studio.

Named Piso Parlament19, the layout of Parlament19 rotates around the centrally boxed kitchen and bathrooms. The flat consists of a living, dining room, balcony, adjacent to a bedroom en-suite.

The final area, situated in the quieter internal mezzanine, consists of a bedroom, office, dining room and bathroom. Through a combination of sliding doors and curtains the space connects and disconnects from the rest of apartment, adapting to a social or intimate function.

A smattering of golden touches adds warmth and luminosity to the space in the form of structural reinforcements, handles, switches & fissures.

"Parlament19 deepens our convictions that surprise is the best tool to enrich and rediscover. Where a closet (let’s imagine Narnia) waits at the end of the room with a whole universe inside," explained the studio.

"What was hidden behind the golden flash in the Pulp Fiction briefcase? We are on it!"

All images © Jose Hevia and Asier Rua

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