Educated in the Polytechnic School of Gliwice in Poland, I am the founder and director of Town Planning Design & Architecture (TPD&A) (1989). In the past (1970-1989), I have participated in numerous international projects in Spain, Belgium, Iraq (International Airport of Barcelona and the Headquarters of the S.W.I.F.T. Bank in La Hulpe for Taller de Arquitectura Ricardo Bofill and Athletic College of the de Baghdad University for TAC-USA), the student campus of Gabon University, and prefabricated modular housing clusters constructed in the seismic zone subjected to mining damage in High Silesia in Poland.
My development in the framework of the TPD&A is oriented not only toward the « more modest » one-family housing but also toward numerous international town planning and architectural design competitions.
In all my projects, the major tendency is the achievement of sustainable development and energy goals. They remain the principal preoccupation and source of inspiration for the more recent and current projects.
Through my participation in the International Urban Design Competition themed "A Neighborhood…Residence and Life in 2006", I expressed my enthusiasm for the development of Saudi Arabian Cities respecting Arab culture and traditions.
The selected 2003 project « Osaka Suspended Gardens » , presented to the International Concept Competition in the Northern Osaka Station Area, or the awarded project for « St Mark’s Canadian Coptic Village » international competition in Toronto, or the awarded project in South Korea presented to the International Design Competition for « Revitalization of Guangbok Street & P.I.F.F. Plaza » in Bussan and recently, the 1st Prize project for the Brussels Waterfront Area « Brussels Hills on the Beach », express my commitment to sustainable development better.
The short listed project for the New Silk Road Park – East European Section in Xi’an also demonstrates my interest for Chinese culture. The theme « Evolution of a Chinese Town », developed in the frame of the doctoral thesis at the Louvain-la-Neuve University in 1983-1986, created the basis of my future evolution. My cultural background and communication capacities (in French, Polish, Russian, English, Chinese, Spanish and German) enable me to be particularly sensitive and open to international architectural realities.


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