Design intensions:
Stop to the further devastation of Mother Earth! Stop to the unproductive town planning regulations! We should cease to continuously produce the same buildings and objects based on models created by our ancestors. They functioned well in their time but do not correspond anymore to the current and future needs. Let us create the new concepts for the present and future generations. How to find a correct answer to the problem of mobility in the city congested by variety of automobiles, motorbikes and bikes? Is this a right question? Certainly we should look for a new model of town, where this question will become obsolete.

The main intention and goal of the project is intensification of habitat density without negative impact to the quality of life.
With respect for their glorious past, we propose to conserve only the valuable remnants of the existing construction stock and create the new sustainable model for the present and future generations. The new structures will integrate the existing ones in the newly created clusters.
To brake out with the existing fashionable architectures and current modern trends, based on the show of wealth of their promoters and pseudo modern esthetic devastating Mother Nature, we propose the new superstructures which will reflect the connection between Earth and Cosmos. The newly created crust will substitute the existing untouched underground earth surface but will still enable the transport of energy and transparency (See the cross section scheme 02)...



Light superstructures composed of a number of levels, supported by a regular grid of structural modules, which contain the vertical circulation devices that connect them to the totally free ground floor level left in its natural and original form.
Application of principles of sustainable building design based on reduced CO2 emission technologies, creation of bio-filters, use of the natural non-fossil resources for energy production, grey water recycling, rain waters mitigation and application of solar passive principle will all participate in the synergy of the new created ensembles. (See sustainability scheme 01).
In the proposed new structures, we have obtained a higher density coefficient than in the existing traditional ones without negative environmental impact. (See Tuusula Cluster Model calculations - panel 03 & 04).

Boguslaw Witkowski - Team Leader
Urszula Medes - CAD assistant


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