Giancarlo Alhadeff, FAIA created Alhadeff Architects in Milan in 1991. From its inception, the studio has designed projects in the U.K.,U.S., Japan, and the Far and Middle East. It has realized them in a variety of architectural sectors, true to the multifaceted nature of its founder: new buildings including hotels and fitness centers; restoration of existing structures including those recognized for their artistic and historic value; commercial and private interior design, including high visibility, high fashion boutiques, offices, showrooms, shopping centers; restaurants as well as private residences.
Alhadeff Architects engages the services of consultants demonstrating the highest level of expertise in structural and mechanical engineering, lighting and landscape design and enjoys a long-standing working rapport evolved over many years of practice. It is proud of its prestigious client list, which ranges from the private to the multinational.
Our success is not the sole result of the quality of our design work, or our ceaseless attention to both design image and detail. We are equally committed to providing our clients with the most consistent care and attention, ranging from the evolution of a corporate identity to the particularly personal needs of our private clientele.


Harvard College, Columbia Graduate School of Architecture and Planning

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