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Berlin Design Week will explore "Resilience" from May 8 to 17, 2023

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Berlin Design Week will explore

Celebrating the 6th edition this year, the next Berlin Design Week will take place from May 8 to 17, 2023. 

Themed as "Resilience“, the festival will once again focus on design as an impulse-giving force for forward-looking change and the basis for future creative viability. Programme partners can now apply for Berlin Design Week 2023 and contribute to the diversity of the event.

"Crises always offer opportunities for change. In the face of area-wide crises affecting our personal, societal, economic, ecological and geological levels, resilience becomes visible. As a sustainable competence not only to deal with crises but also to remain adaptable and resilient in the future under changing conditions. Not a "biting through" but a putting oneself in a position for positive change and adaptation, as the ability to tolerate uncertainty, to recognize opportunities in crises, and a willingness to transform to ensure stability," said Alexandra Klatt, director of Berlin Design Week. 

"A key factor here is the self-efficacy expectation: I know I can make a difference through my actions." This idea carries through our upcoming festival. Design as a driver of agility, stability, sustainability and innovation potential has a central role to play," Klatt added. She also calls on everyone to take action. "Not acting is no longer an option," Klatt added.

Participants of the event are national and international designers, cultural institutions,companies, and research institutions who present their work in formats such as exhibitions, talks, presentations, participatory projects and networking events in various locations across the city.

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