The statement made by the new HQ should correspond not only to the company’s policies like “Wood-Innovation” or modern technology, but also to the family tradition of adequate means. A balance is to be found between a down-to-earth company and its appearance as a global player. The solution can thus neither be total understatement, nor an excessive act of self-portrayal.
The existent building by Arch. Josef Lackner as a strong Corporate-Identity-providing object (everybody knows him) is an artistic challenge.

Due to the chosen building depth a variety of modern office-space-arrangements, like cell-offices, combi-offices or open-plan-offices, as well as “business club”, are possible. The available space is used to full capacity and the outline of the existent showroom is picked up and brougth to a dynamic ending.
The entire exterior is covered (for most obvious reasons) by a wood batten – acting as a transparent curtain in line with the clapboard skin. This creates a distinctive homogenous body from the outside, and a lot of transparency from the inside. The warm, filtered daylight, which is partly shielded, supports an atmosphere of concentrated working.

On the side of the forecourt the existent arcade was consequently continued to the salesroom in the south – a token gesture of amicability.
The entrance hall – with a void connecting all stories of the building – forms a collective, ample center and creates a continuous flow of space that lets you “feel” the real dimensions of the building. A part of the salesroom was also designed two stories high, providing an appealing interconnection with the office area.
Another three-story-hall with “conference-niches“/conference rooms, seminar rooms on all levels marks the intersection between old and new.

Bearing structural members F60 (German fire-resistance rating: able to withstand fire for at least 60 minutes), automatic fire detection system. Two fire compartments have been built vertically, separated at the north wall of the staircase.
The entrance hall with its high void is ideal for smoke and heat venting over the roof.

The construction is generally based on the BBS (Binder Brettsperrholz – Binder sheet plywood) sheet dimension of 125cm. Bearing exterior walls and bearing parapets and ceilings are made from 15cm BBS. The staircase, the stairs and the elevator shaft are also made from BBS.
In two inner carrying axles 40cm BSH joists are used; distance between supports: 3,50m x 1,25m = 4,375m. The interior walls made from BBS are non-bearing walls, providing flexibility in room arrangement. The comfort-air-conditioning-system – part and parcel of the energy concept – is installed in a suspended ceiling.



Plot area: 4186m²
Gross floor area: 5520m²
Gross floor volume: 18260m³

reitter_architekten zt gesmbh
DI Arch. Sebastian Grundmann

merz kaufmann & partner GmbH

Headquarter Binder Holz by Helmut Reitter in Austria won the WA Award Cycle 11. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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