Project Title: Maqsoud House
Location: Abou Seir, Saqqara, Giza, Cairo, Egypt

This house is a celebration of domesticity, albeit being many bigger worlds miniaturized into one. I wanted to integrate several cosmopolitan cultures with other more traditional ones, as is a force major in Islam’s architecture. The project has a marvelous sense of inclusivity -not exclusivity- without falling into the pitfalls of eclecticism, nor the grouping of fragmentary anatomical singular elements. The cohesive bonding I wanted to give to the project is the bonding born out of a respect and pathos for all intelligent and alive cosmopolitan cultures.
The plans are choreographed to flow, include, exude, frame, veil, screen, tangentially touch, penetrate, armature, and embrace spaces within and spaces from without. They do not collide nor stomp nor bump nor aggress nor rotate nor mutate spaces within the edifice. There is a continuous flow within the plans, the spaces are diffused from into the other, a capability sought after in all modern architecture, its this quality that enables an uninhibited usage to all functions simultaneously and in an ordered interchangeability...It is an attempt that becomes all charmingly in flux but in repose, giving birth to dynamic silence. The environmental and sustainable factors in the design are sweetened within the ensemble to become integral architecturally, they are not medicinally bitter nor standing apart as a survival kit; as suggested by contemporary sustainable practices: good but unappealing, as a medicine is, it is important but bitter, unaesthetic but highly necessary. I intentionally designed the edifice to radiate spontaneously an ecological sustainability that is born from this architectural approach. There is a way and a method of doing it; mainly it is about a new tradition, in the process of becoming a new fresh modern.



The project is constructed using thick red terracotta bricks infused with a reinforced concrete skeleton system whenever necessary. The thicknesses of the walls help induce thermal insulation .The infrastructure technological conduits are architecturally concealed

AHMAD HAMID ARCHITECTS: - . Engineer Selim Hussein project management. Ashraf El Zanaty Structural consultant.Mahmud Abbass :Electro mechanical consultant.
Eklego: Furniture selection .

Maqsoud house.Abu Seir. by Ahmad Hamid in Egypt won the WA Award Cycle 13. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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