White square spiral ramp rising up in increasing perimeter, the spiral within the spiral, the void within the void, and the square opposed to the existing circle.
In each ramp sections there are white polygonal boxes with different environments: jungle, desert, city, open field, as well as sound, light, color, taste, smell… The path begins at the rotunda floor with a white initial box completely empty, going through countless boxes along sensory climb up and finish in lightdome.
These boxes are irregular derivations from the cube with upper and lower windows to allow the viewer to look at the boxes below and above him, and in that way he will fell vertigo and void in all that lies outside the box he is in. At the side of the ramp there is an endless lighting that forms strand of red color and pattern variable: that’s the only element that isn’t white.
As was critized by the italian L'Expresso in arts seccion:
"Re-Contemplating Void
Mafalda Carmona, Lisbona, Portogallo
L'architetto Carmona trasforma l'ascesa "fisica" del visitatore in un'esperienza sensoriale. Colori, suoni e profumi risvegliano la nostra attenzione e a ogni piano una scatola ci propone un ambiente diverso: giungla, deserto, città.
Re-Contemplating Void
Mafalda Carmona, Lisbon, Portugal
Architect Carmona transforms the visitor's "physical" ascent into a sensory experience. Colors, sounds and scents awaken our attention and on each floor a box offers us a different environment: jungle, desert, city."


Temporary Installation

mafalda carmona