grand cru du siecle

the pavilion bar is part of paris’ flood control infrastructure. an enclosed circular glass bar rests over a bell mouth spillway which allows water to enter from it’s entire perimeter, directing the water throoughout the design, into the spillway.
the circular bar is zoned to direct water through it’s ramps and into the spillway situated under a moveable glass clad floor.
the industrial function of the bar is combined with an ethereal monocoque shell that houses the light and reflective nature of the pavilion bar’s interior, etched glass gives an effervescent feel with the lattice spillway filtering water as it is channelled through the underground network of submerged canals, upstream to the impounded lakes and nearby reservoirs.
a lightweight composite fibre monocoque canopy covers the pavilion formed as a whirlpool to channel rainwater around it’s surface and into the spillway beneath it.
paris’s intircate and detailed manhole covers were the inspiration for the design. The monocoque structure ensures a stronger structure as there are minimal joints which invariably weaken when exposed to external forces and vectors.