The building group was originally constructed as Paper Mill and transforming into Defence Offices and Production Facilities. Protection of the exterior structure and slabs as possible and to unify functions parallel to corporate identity are the main aspect for the new project. Covering exterior structure with modern, sustainable and technologic materials and details, redesigning existing high rise volumes as functional and flowing spaces thanks to adding new steel structure story levels are main criterias of the project.


Site Area: 11.500 m² ; Construction Area: 13.000 m²

Design Team: Yeşim HATIRLI, Nami HATIRLI
Project Group: Tuğçe ŞAHİN, Gökhan BAŞPINAR, Ali TEKİN, Hacı KARACAN, Özge ALBOSTAN, Günsu M. ABBAS, Sibel EKİCİ YILMAZ