With main volumes imposed at the beginning of the project, the architectural style comes here to create an identifiable location for Printemps in the Polygone Riviera retail park.
Several themes make up a charter in order to transmit a spirit faithful to the brand, outside and inside the building:
- sobriety and alignments of the volumes on each facade
- organization of the spaces following a frame: coffered ceilings crisscrossing all levels and framing networks (sometimes left exposed), posts reinforcing the frame.
- reinterpretation of the flower, Printempss historical symbol: creation of a pattern from the petals, implemented at various scales as sole decoration. It is the repetition of the graphics, and the fact that it exists in a very sober context, that reinforces the brand presence in the place. It is therefore becoming an iconic element of the project. Backlit façades give the building a dream-reading at night, like petals falling.
- the Mediterranean and southern typical sunshine: games with the natural light thanks to latticeworks and layers of the natural clear stone)
- golden color and attention to detail, as atribute to fashion and luxury.



schedule: grand opening on the 21st october, 2015
location: polygone riviera - cagnes-sur-mer (06)
net surface area: 75 347 ft²

client: printemps
project management: antonio virga, in collaboration with printemps architecture and engineering department
1st building permit: philippe caron and L35
project execution: féral
fluid engineering: barbanel
lighting design: ph.a


Julien Lanoo

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