The combination between intelligent skin and energy efficiency with an approach to a vernacular design was the main intention of design. Masouleh is a traditional old village with a sustainable architecture and after many years masouleh is still alive and people live there . All the houses in Masouleh face the sun and have been oriented For maximum utilization of solar energy. Moreover , masouleh has been built like a set of steep stairs architecture-wise because of the special mountainous conditions .In other words, roof of every house would serve as the yard of the upper house and the walls overlap. Context for me was not just houses of Masouleh.Nature is respectful and mountain is nature.for designing intelligent skin I have tried to be a harmony between skin and mountain so i tried to design this skin like soft mountain.
This project was full of challenges.At first the Masouleh weather is unpredictable and it usually change during the days .Heavy snow in winter and rewarding sunlight in summer are the characteristics of there.Wind from west was unpleasant and also there is a pleasant wind in spring from east .Masouleh is located at the end of road and that road has not continuation.At first glance ,it seems the problems is can not be solved and this village with this little facility might be empty .But people of Masouleh now live there comfortably.Commercially , Masouleh has a satisfying position because of it`s handicrafts and tourism industry .annual many people around the country and even foreign tourists travel there.Masouleh is registered in UNESCO as a valuable historical city . Masouleh is a rich place for tourists because of the fact that it has a suitable position for establishing a ski piste.There are a lot of ski run in Masouleh . Masouleh would be a fantastic place for holiday with a picturesque views for the people who like beautiful landscape , beside a rich historical buildings.And last but no least nowadays the dangerous of global warming is serious and important for our life .Pay attention to warning must be considered by Architects .In this project is tried to consider the factor of sustainability and it helps project to use fossil fuel less than a big project need to consume.



intelligent skin with parametric panels helps building to keep it`s heating energy. Briefly , intelligent skin is a technology that can control the facade of building automatically .An operative facade that the face of it depends on the environment.Form and skin are two important factors of building in aesthetics and energy efficiency issues .skin is a bridge between inner space and outer environment outer skin can control light , heating and view.Hence it is really effective on the whole of project . vertical panel is designed in this project because of this project wind was more important than sun because of the fact that cold wind in winter can cause building to lose it`s heating .intelligent skin has sensors that send information to System for controlling the panels .It needs also to a PC and some other needs like dimmer and electric motor .panels can bee used for collecting energy too .Installing the photovoltaic cells on parametric panel help building to use clear energy.In this project is tried to use simulation energy software for obtaining information about climate and environment and designing more accurate.Of course it was not just a sustainable design because of the fact that i tried to design an integrated architecture that pay attention to context , aesthetics ,global warming , vernacular architecture and the theory that i follow on my career.One of the sustainable strategy that is used for cold climate is sinking building into the earth to be more exact into soil (traditional sustainable strategy in Iran) .This strategy helps building to keep it`s heating energy and has less connection to outer environment because of the fact that soil keep building warm in cold weather and and cool in hot weather (because has not direct connection to direct sunlight). In this project the public space of the building sunk to mountain this strategy decrease the amount of losing energy So it doesnt need extra energy to warm with fossil fuel.

Masouleh Hotel by Mahdi Ghavidel Sedehi in Iran won the WA Award Cycle 22. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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