The studio started in 2009 as a local Italian Architecture studio, today counting with operational offices in Rome and London. Throughout the years DRA&U has designed prestigious figures and volumes in Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East and the Americas. Developing for both the public sector and elite private clients, it has led medium to large-scale projects principally in the residential and commercial sectors, while also developing unique projects for hotels, museums, urban requalification, exhibitions, interior design, product design, and VR/AR (Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality).

DRA&Uā€™s investment strategies have forged a strong business segment accompanied by its graceful and internationally recognised design features.

The authorization process for the second project of our REthinkING REbuildING Urban Regeneration Program has begun.

The project involves the demolition of a building built in the late 1970s and now abandoned for several years. As planned, we will carry out a project consisting of three zero-emission dwellings independent of each other, and inserted within the prestigious natural context of the Monte Gentile area, in the province of Rome. Our project involves not only safeguarding the present wooded area, but creating a harmonious relationship between the built volume and the landscape design. In which the vegetation will never appear unkempt, even when it will assume that wild character typical of English gardens to which we are inspired.

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YEAR: 2019
PROGRAM: Residential, Interior Design
TYPE: Direct Commission
CLIENT: Confidential
LOCATION: Rome, Italy

PROJECT TEAM: Zemfira Mammadova, Zamira Imeramzayeva, Annapina Di Filippo, Nicola Zarra, Daniela Magnelli