The Jamaica Bay and Rockaway Peninsula are located between the east Brooklyn and Atlantic Shoreline in New York, USA. Jamaica bay is the largest open area in the metropolitan city with its quite unique urban estuary in terms of its salt marshes laying in the middle of the bay, having wildlife refuge and being home to unique ecological species. However, due to the anthropogenic impacts as well as global warming, sea level rising problem and natural phenomena, these areas are at serious risk of losing their unique ecotones. Additionally, the lack of infrastructures and demographic inequality has, create an insecure and undesirable life while causing poverty.

"Can architecture be made of biomaterials and can it act in symbiosis with natural disasters by using them as an advantage rather than fighting against them?"

Thereby, the project proposes a disaster evacuation centre & community college to raise people’ awareness and economy by providing particular jobs, mainly focussing on “biological-scientific research” and investigating the ways of generating energy for “net-zero lives.” Additionally, since the area have been facing a lot of natural disasters, the building itself, act as a form that “require” these disasters in order to sustain itself with its long-lasting/future proof strong envelope and landscape

The Rockaway peninsula has been facing with various natural phenomena such as high tides, hurricanes, high winds, sea-level rise. Unfortunately, natural disasters are a huge potential to cause socio-economic disaster when the earlier results are taken into account.
Rather than fighting against nature, this project intends to live with these natural phenomena and disasters to turn them into an advantage, seeing the possibilities, such as generating energy, collecting and purifying
water, bio-based sustainable solutions.

A building that "requires natural disasters."
A building that can "act as a hydroelectric dam structure."
1.Natural Phenomena: Generating energy from wind, high tides, movement of water, hurricanes.
2. Sea Level Rise: Generate Energy & Collect and Sanitize Water
3.Algae Blooms: Biological Laboratories and research for bio-concrete. Generating energy, producing O2, biofuel, food and decreasing carbon emission.
4. Oysters: Bio-based structures, traditional oyster industry, cleaning the water with oysters, healthier ecology.



*Columns: HSS Steel Section Supported with LVL
*Primary Structure: I Section Bronze Steel Composite Supported with LVL
*SecondaryStructure: LVL Diagrid System

Envelope: Durable Corten Weathering Steel (Changes of Color With Time) & Green Bio-Wall

Designer: Ece Sel
Supervisors: Ezgi İşbilen & Yiğit Acar & Glenn Terry Kukkola