The project is based on the idea of reviving the alabaster craft In Egypt. Alabaster was very precious in the ancient Egyptian era and was presented as gifts to kings. Thus, The interior design is dominated by design elements that express the ancient Egyptian era. The project presents the alabaster material to the world in an adventurous way inside the place, in which the visitor learns about the characteristics of alabaster, sees rare original pieces, buys ready-made pieces, or even manufactures his own alabaster piece.

The project aims to:
•Provide a space for Craftsmen in Luxor to support their innovation and develop social engagement with tourists from all over the world,
•Promote traditional crafts.
•Create a space for exhibiting alabaster products Elegantly.
•Encourage sustainable tourism and improve the Alabaster industry situation in Egypt.

On the light of the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs, the project focuses on targets that achieves these Goals:
-Creativity And Artistic Innovation: Goal no.4
-Economic Growth and Employment: Goal no.8, Goal no.1
-Promoting Local Culture and environmental sustainability: Goal no.12
-Supporting Creativity and Innovation, Improving the quality of life: Goal no.3

The submitted project files includes:

Zone 1: Reception and Waiting Area
In this area The Alabaster Material is presented as a building material in interior design Showing it’s transparency and beautiful colors, Types used : Yellow and Green Alabaster

Zone 2: Central Hall
The central hall is entered from a long hall following the reception, In this hall the visitor is Astonished by the central Decorative piece of suspended lid up Alabaster stones.
In front of the central piece is the wall of the interactive display screens in which the visitor can Customize their own Alabaster piece and take it home at the end of the journey from the outdoor workshop.

Zone 3: Underground Cave Alabaster Exhibition.
This Exhibition is Designed In A form of an underground Cave-like Digital Exhibition In which the visitor is taken to a journey to the Alabaster stone’s Original place.
-Digital screens display the History of the Alabaster Craft From the age of Ancient Egyptians till this day And the Techniques used in this Craft.
-Display units Contain Real Ancient Egyptian Alabaster statues.
-Lid up Alabaster Crystals in the ceiling Gives the space a feeling of a natural cave.
-The Exhibition also Display the three types of Alabaster: white, yellow and green Alabaster and presents their characteristics and history of each one on the digital screen facing the display units.



The Project Area: 4212 M*2
The project represents the Alabaster Material and craft through a contemporary approach. Thus, the project contains technology in the way of displaying information such as:
-Digital screens for display
- Interactive screens (for people to customize their alabaster piece)
And other systems such as:
- HVAC system
- Sound system
- Lighting
- Fire system

Project by: Farah Wael Samir
Under the Supervision of:
• Prof. Dr. Rasha Elzeiny
• Prof. Ola Hashem
• Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hoda Madkour
• Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dalia Ezzat
L.A: Mai Osman, L.A: Tarek Fouad, L.A: Ghada Ammar, L.A: Asmaa Awad, L.A: Mohanad Bilal, L.A: Sarah Noaman

Alabaster Creative & Historical Centre by farah samir in Egypt won the WA Award Cycle 38. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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