A stroll through the epoch:
To continue the series of gothic architecture which naturally evolved bringing together the development outside to the inside.
Although mostly influential on the design of the exterior, the flamboyant style did find its way into the interiors of the auditorium.
With the aid of the pointed arches vertically was achieved while the ribbed vault and the flying buttress would allow for a significant reduction in the wall mass. The central focal point being a very large connecting space with a chandelier inset.
By and large an auditorium design is implicated wholly around visual effects and sound. To achieve the same the architects, exert and makes that extra effort for accurate sight lines, least reverberation time (RT) between 0.8 to 1 second from the performer to the audience.
The challenge in an auditorium is to achieve least echo and RT values. To accomplish all of these, the designers have applied various unique materials to have a combination of reflection and absorption. The design of the vertical surface and the ceiling have been with the above philosophy blending the same with interior while resurrecting the wall panels, shapes, size and angle to achieve comfort for the audience. The overall appearance of the auditorium was designed and bore the significance of structural elements.
With function dictating the grand design, ornamentation was largely relegated to features like buttresses and arches to the achieve an unified overall impression.



Client : Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning
Size of project : 1321 SQM
Project cost : 3.75 Cr.

Materials used
Slats : Armstrong
Fabric : Colorfabb
Acoustics : Ecco-board comp. and Armstrong
Veneer : Archid PLY
Carpet : Doneer
Stage flooring : Kronoswiss
Vinyl flooring : Wonder floor
Stretched : Euro ceil
Speakers : Electro voice
Stage consultant : Prabath enterprises

Principal and Lead Architect : V.Vishwanath
Lead Interior Designer : Vidya Vishwanath
Project Engineer : Jagadish Sulibhavi
Project Architect : Ankita Kakani